How To Get Unlimited 4G Data For Free

In today’s guilde, I will teach you guys how to get unlimited 4G data for free, to all networks. Recall few days ago, I told you guys that I will be sharing different methods to get free internet tricks. I also went ahead and share the latest update on http injector config file, for free browsing.


However, this unlimited 4G data is working perfectly in all networks, and anyone can enjoy it’ irrespective of your country. It doesn’t require anything, as long as you have a smart phone and sim card, you’re good to go. The only thing required is your attention to this post, follow the instructions and get it working for you.

Remember I said unlimited free 4G data, that means’ you won’t spend money in buying data anymore. The truth is that, my friends and I stopped buying data for over 4 years now.  And since then, we have been sharing the information to our readers.


So, if you have been searching for how to get unlimited 4G data for free? Hopefully this article will be very helpful to you. And I can guarantee you that, it’s the best article to ever read today, as you will count yourself very lucky to stumble on this blog today.

We all know the rate of data consumption this days. Everything seems to be getting worst on daily basis. And it’s making it very difficult for students to carry out research, since the have no source of income yet.

Anyways, it’s now a bygone. As we have gotten a solution to it and you can go ahead and check the necessary requirements for the 4G free data.

Unlimited 4G Free Data Requirements


Though I earlier stated that it doesn’t require anything. But what I actually meant is spending money to get it. However, the requirements I’m about to point out is something that won’t stress you to get. It’s just to keep them ready for the free data. Check them out below;

  • Your smartphone
  • VPN Application
  • Your sim card (without data).

How To Get Unlimited 4G Data For Free


The pure truth is that, one can not do without data anymore. You can’ imagine staying without chatting with friends on social media, streaming online movies and more.

Is not possible, that’s why we decided to share this secret to you all our readers. Follow the below steps to activate the unlimited 4G data for free.

  • The first step is to download the VPN App from Google play store.
  • After downloading, Install and open the App.
  • Then, select Singapore as your country.
  • Finally, click on Connect button and allow for some seconds to get connected.
  • Congratulations, you can now enjoy unlimited 4G free data.

NOTE: in some cases this free 4G data may not work for you. Though a lot of people have testified that it worked perfectly for them. You can check our related articles if it does work for you.



Arguably, you have learnt how to get unlimited 4G data for free. Just as I said, if it didn’t work for you” don’t panic. We have related articles on free data cheat codes, which will surely work for you.

You can as well use the comment box below to ask questions, if you find  anything complicated.