How To Get Free Money On Opay – Sign Up & Earn Free Cash

As a student or nursing mother, you can actually earn money using Opay App without doing almost anything. Yes, I will be sharing accurate information on how to get free money on Opay. All you need to do is to sign up with our referral link and earn, even while asleep.


Definitely you must have heard of Opay App, and how to earn free money from it” without stressing yourself. As a matter of fact, I’m a living witness, I have made more than 500k referring my family and friends to join Opay.

Instead of wasting your data watching comedies on social media, why not use it and share Opay links on Facebook groups, pages, and WhatsApp status?.  Since joining Opay is absolutely for free’ people don’t hesitate to join. Hence, it makes it more easier to earn a lot of money from it.


What Is Opay?


Opay is a seamless and secure way to send cash to your friends, purchase airtime, pay bills and more.

How To Get Free Money On Opay - Sign Up & Earn Free Cash

It brings freedom & security to everyone through unmatched mobile money service. It also allow its users to earn free money when they refer their family and friends to use the platform.

How Can I Get Free Money On Opay?


You can actually get free money on Opay, when you sign up and use your referral link to invite your family and friends. However, joining Opay is absolutely for free’ and this made it easier for people to join.

I repeat, you don’t need to pay a dime to qualify for Opay free money. Once you sign up with our referral link, copy your own referral code and use it to invite your friends.

You will earn a commission on anyone you invite. And again, you will also earn free money from Opay when a friend you invited earlier” invites another person. Hence, you can make more than ₦30,000 per week.

Cool right? Let’s get started. Kindly tap on the below sign up link. After opening the site, enter your valid phone number and click download to get the mobile App.


Join Opay now and get free money by doing almost nothing, all you need is sharing your referral link on social media. To open account follow the below steps;

  • Sign up with this link > CLICK HERE
  • Enter your valid phone number that can receive sms.
  • Tap on “Download & Get It Now
  • After the installation process, go ahead and provide other required information and start sharing your own link.

After signing up with the above link, chat me up on WhatsApp to get access to my top secret e-book that will show you how to easily get referrals and earn huge amount of money on Opay. My WhatsApp number is >> +2349137658694

It’s very easy, although the referral link is too long” but you can use link shortener to shorten it, and make it more attractive.

How Do I Earn Daily On Opay?


You can actually earn money daily on Opay, by sharing your own referral link on active Facebook groups, WhatsApp status, Twitter etc.

Also, you can make money from Opay by running social media advert or by promoting your link. This will help reach thousands of people and as well make more money.

Just as I said earlier, you can earn more than ₦30,000 per week. It all depends on your effort in reaching out to people.

How Can I Get My Opay Referral Code?


Opay referral code isn’t hidden, you can actually see or get it on your dashboard. But this can only be possible after signing up for an account with the above referral link.

The referral link is right in your Opay dashboard homepage, as shown in the above screenshot. You just have to click on “Refer Friends” and copy the link.

Remember what I said earlier, Opay referral link is too long. Hence, you have to shorten it, so that people won’t see at as virus or spam link.



I will be wrapping up the content here and I believe you have learnt how to get free money on Opay.

Make sure you sign up with our referral link, so that’ you can get our secret e-book that leak information on how to get thousands of referrals for free.