How To Connect And Watch Facebook Live On Roku Tv & Firestick

With your Roku tv or firestick, you can actually connect a Facebook live stream feature and watch your favorite programs or shows. Hence, this article will show you how to watch facebook live on roku tv and firestick. 


The pure truth remains that, there’s no special feature that enables you to watch Facebook live on roku tv, rather firestick. But, you can easily achieve this by connecting it from your end.

I know that you don’t know how to connect and watch facebook live on roku tv. Don’t worry, I got you covered. We have explained in details, how to effortlessly connect it within few minutes. You just have to add it in your channel list, it’s very easy to achieve.


How To Watch Facebook Live On Roku Tv


Like I said earlier, roku is not one of the streaming devices that support Facebook.

how to watch facebook live on roku

However, you can still stream Facebook live videos on Roku by using screencasting. Let me quickly show you how to connect it;

  • For you to screen share or watch Facebook live on roku tv, you will have to connect both devices on wi-fi. Ensure that’ the network connection is stable enough to run the program.
  • After that, check if the television is well connected to your Roku device. If it is, then’ proceed to the next step.
  • Return to the Roku tv home screen and click on “Settings” option with the remote. It is located under the search option, check very well.
  • The next step to take’ is to check under the option “System” choose the “Screen Mirroring option and select “Always Allow
  • To complete the connection, the next step is to search for the name of the device you would like to share the Facebook live to your Roku tv.
  • When you see the device name, tap on it and it will automatically connect. Now, you can be able to watch Facebook live videos on your TV.

Amazing right? Yeah, It’s very easy to connect and shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. You just have to follow the instructions properly.

Now that you have learnt how to watch Facebook live on roku, let’s quickly proceed to sharing information on how to also content and watch facebook live video stream on firestick.

How To Watch Facebook Live On Firestick


Connecting Facebook live on firestick is very easy, and doesn’t require a third-party App. You can actually watch Facebook live on your firestick with their official Facebook watch app.

How To Watch Facebook Live On Firestick

Although you can only watch live videos through this app. However, you can’t possibly reply messages, see post on news feed or do otherwise.

This is because, the application is explicitly created for streaming of live, and videos on Facebook.

How To Get Facebook Watch On Firestick


Remember what I said earlier, you don’t need to connect screencasting to be able to watch Facebook live on firestick. Rather you can install the official Facebook application and connect it manually.

The facebook watch app is available on Google play store, you can easily download and install on your firestick. Then’ follow the below steps to  connect it and start streaming live videos;

  • Turn on your firestick,
  • From the Home Screen click on “Find option” using the firestick remote
  • Navigate the search bar, and type in “Facebook watch” wait for seconds to see pop-ups suggestions of available options.
  • Immediately you see the loaded options, a Facebook watch icon will show up. Go ahead and tap on the icon and again click on the “Getbutton.
  • After doing that, the application start will downloading, and should just few minutes to complete.
  • Immidiately it’s complicated, return to firestick home page and enjoy your Facebook live.

Before you can be able to watch Facebook live on Firestick, you must enable internet connection. Hence, you’re advised to connect your wi-fi.

What Streaming Devices Support Facebook?


Devices that support Facebook streaming are; Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tv, Xbox One all support the official Facebook Watch app, which helps you to stream Facebook on your TV.

This official is also available in many smart TVs, including the Portal TV and newer model Samsung Smart TVs.

Is Facebook Watch On Roku

Facebook watch is not on Roku tv. Hence if you want to stream live or Watch Facebook videos on your Roku, you can only achieve this by using screencasting as shown above.

We have already shown you guys how to watch facebook live on roku tv, it doesn’t work Facebook watch app.



t this point, I believe you must have learnt how to connect and watch Facebook live on Roku Tv & Firestick. If you have have further questions, feel free to use the comment box below.