How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save ( Complete Guide ) 

Do you wish to know how to cheat “drive safe and save?” Then you should leave whatever you are doing and read this article. Here we will explain everything you need to know about the Drive Safe and Save program as well as how to cheat Drive Safe and Save. 


What Is Drive Safe And Save? Drive Safe And Save is one of the programs of State Farm car insurance. It is an opportunity to save money on car insurance. By signing up and participating in this program, you can receive up to 30%. You can get started by downloading the app or making use of OnStar if your car comes with it. 

With that, State Farm would then monitor your driving habits to determine the amount of discount that will be given to you. You can even check the amount and status of the discount you have acquired in the process using the Alexia app


As we move on, you will understand the drive safe and save program better including how to cheat drive safe and save. First, let us see how it works in the next paragraph. 

How Does Drive Safe And Save Work?


Here is how the Drive Safe and Safe program works. You first have to download the app either from the Google Play Store or App Store and install it. After which, you will set it up and get to use it. You can also use Drive Safe and Save without downloading the app if you have OnStar technology equipped in your vehicle, then you can also use the Drive Safe and Save program. This is how to do it. 

  • Text SAVE to 78836 and a link will be sent to you through which you can download the app for Android or iPhone. 
  • To install the app, you will have to log in using your user ID and password. 
  • A Bluetooth beacon will be sent to you via mail. Wait for it as this would take a few days after enrolling. 
  • After receiving the Bluetooth beacon, move to your vehicle with it and follow the instructions in the app to set it up. 

If you already have OnStar along with its satellite-based tracking system, you will not need to download the app as it automatically shares your driving habits with State Farm. All you have to do is to call State Farm’s customer service on  888-559-1922 to enroll. 

After setting it up, State Farm will use your Drive Safe and Save data and thereafter determine how safe your driving has been. This will then help them assign a discount to you which could be up to 30%. See the next paragraph to know what aspect of your driving will be assessed. 

What Does Farm House Drive Safe And Save Assess?


Generally, the Drive Safe and Save policy assesses your driving habits. With the app, the number of miles that you drive along with other driving features are monitored. The total score that you acquire at the end of a period is what makes up the discount that is given to you. Some of the features that are assessed are:

Driving Speed


The app monitors your speed to see if you will exceed the speed limit. You are not considered a safe driver if you exceed the speed limit per hour. The speed limit is 8 miles or more per hour. 

Use Of Phone While Driving


Another aspect that the Drive Safe and Save app monitors is the use of phones while driving. I am sure by now you should know that this is a dangerous thing to do as it is one of the causes of road hazards. So the technology in the app tracks and records the use of phones while driving. 

This is done through movements and the use of screens. So to increase your Drive Safe and Save discount, avoid using your mobile phone while driving. 



It also monitors your car’s acceleration. This is because you are at risk of being involved in an accident if you accelerate too fast. As this can make you easily lose control of your car. 



It also monitors how slowly you brake and rewards you for that. As this shows that you have kept a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. 

So these are some of the features or characteristics that the Drive Safe and Save policy assesses and rewards you for. However, a few groups of people whom you are a part of are interested in knowing how to cheat Drive and Safe. That is how to trick the app and still get a good discount. Let us see some of the ways you can do that below. 

Are There Ways To Cheat Drive Safe And Save?


Yes, there are several ways to cheat “drive safe and save” that will make you earn a high score thereby increasing your discount. Smart driver’s scores are not permanent but with continuous feedback and information on how to increase your scores, they will keep increasing. If you can get a rating of up to 88, then you have fallen into the B+ drivers. 

 In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to be looking at how to cheat “drive safe and save” in four ways. So stay tuned and follow me as I proceed to that section. 

How To Cheat “Drive Safe And Save”


As stated above, there are ways to cheat “drive safe and save thereby increasing your score and by extension your discount. The following are how to cheat “drive safe and save”. 

How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save 1: Do Not Speed


To cheat, drive safe and save and increase your discount score, you mustn’t drive too fast. That is, maintain a good speed limit. Over speeding is one of the major causes of accidents on the road today. So, if you do not speed, you are a step towards getting a high score.

How To Cheat Drive Safe And Save 2: Keep Your Eyes On The Road To Avoid Distraction.


Another way to cheat Drive Safe and save is by being focused while driving. Avoid every form of distraction that can lead to road accidents, especially drinking while driving and the use of mobile phones. 

How To Cheat Drive Safe And Safe 3: Maintain Adequate Tire Pressure


Still on how to cheat, drive safe, and save, always check your tire pressure. Driving with under-inflated tires can increase your braking distance thereby reducing your score. It can also help your tire to blow out soonest and hamper your fuel sufficiency. All of these are bad driving habits. 

Turn Off Bluetooth


Another very tricky way to cheat Drive Safe and Save is by turning off your Bluetooth at a point. When this happens, the system will be unable to monitor your driving till it is turned on. 

Are All My Cars Required To Participate?


The program is vehicle specific hence the discount is for individual cars. 



So far we have seen what the Drive Safe and Save program entails and the benefits. We also showed you how to cheat, drive safe and save in 4 ways. In all, keep to safety precautions and you will save more.