How To Cash Out On Sweatcoin With iPhone/iPad

Have you been searching for how to cash out on sweatcoin with iPhone or iPad? Definitely yes right? Relax, this blog post got your covered. With step by step guide, I will teach you how to easily cash out on sweatcoin using your iOS devices. It’s very simple, you just have to follow instructions as stated on this page.


Sweatcoin is launched in 2015 and available for Iphone. While the concept of earning free money by simply walking has always intrigued humans, it took some a few months to actually start using the app regularly (this was before anyone knew how to make money online with sweatcoin). 

Now that people have been using it regularly for seven years, many are ready to cash out some earnings! But just like any other mobile app, there are some small technical hoops you have to jump through to get your money onto an Apple wallet.


Sweatcoin is revolutionizing the way we look at and track fitness, providing users with tangible incentives in exchange for the steps they take each day. But many of you who use Sweatcoin on your iPhone may not know that it’s possible to cash out the app’s rewards! To learn more about cashing out your earnings, keep reading!

Sweatcoin is a fun app that rewards you for walking or running with real money via Apple Pay, or with gift cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks and other big brands! 

The app tracks your steps using the motion sensors on your iPhone and converts them into Sweatcoin (SWC), which can be redeemed for real money and donated to charity, used to buy gift cards, or simply saved up until you have enough to treat yourself. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get paid to walk by cashing out your SWC earnings on your iPhone.

How To Create A Sweatcoin Account On iPhone/ iPad


You need an Apple ID, a smartphone and access to Google Play store or Apple store. (If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can make one for free.)

  •  Download and install the app from Google Play or iTunes. 
  • Create a profile by entering your height, weight, gender and age; also enter a nickname so other users can recognize you in leaderboards. 
  • Allow permissions for accessing data such as location and contacts, then press Create account
  •  After completing registration, enter a valid credit card number with security code and press Submit 
  • Press OK when asked if you want to use geolocation services 
  • Press Start walking! 

Earning Rewards


You’ve been earning Sweatcoin, a new cryptocurrency that makes you money by walking. You’re ready to cash them in, but how? This step-by-step guide will help you redeem those sweatcoin and turn them into real money on your iPhone. (It works with Android too.)

The best part about Sweatcoin is that you can earn rewards every time you take a step. The more steps you take, the more coins you’ll have! Once you have accumulated enough coins, it’s time to cash them in for gift cards, charity donations and special treats. 

How To Cash Out On Sweatcoin With iPhone/iPad


So how do you turn your tokens into real rewards? In order to do so, you need an iOS device with Apple Pay – but don’t worry if you don’t have one; all iPhones starting with iPhone 6 (and newer) come with Apple Pay. All other devices running iOS 10 or later are compatible as well. Now that we know what devices work with Sweatcoin and Apple Pay, let’s see how it all works!

Redeeming Rewards


Once you’ve earned enough coins, it’s time to cash them in for a reward. This can be done from within the app by selecting sweatcoin and then redeem rewards with Amazon gift cards or to your apple pay.

Selecting a reward will automatically deduct it from your wallet. Rewards are usually in-app gifts or small amounts of currency that can be used in some apps or online.


How To Check Sweatcoin Balance On iPhone


For you to check how many coins you’ve earned, tap Profile at the bottom of your screen. Then, under Sweatcoin Balance, you’ll see how many coins you’ve earned and how much they’re worth in dollars. 

Can You Cash Out Sweatcoin With Cryptocurrency


The only way you can currently cash out is via Amazon gift card. As far as we know, no app lets you buy cryptocurrency using coins you’ve earned via Sweatcoin yet. Until they do, paypal it is! For now, there are a few ways to make sure you’re making the most of your points so you don’t end up wasting them…

To cash out your balance on sweatcoin, open a browser window and navigate to . On that page, enter your username and password when prompted. Under Sweatcoins Available for Cashout, select Convert next to an available cryptocurrency (either SIA or ETH) for which you’d like to receive funds. Enter a value in USD (or other currency supported by Changelly). Then hit convert! We’ll notify you once it’s complete!

Can You Cash Out Sweatcoin To PayPal 


As many of you already know, you can’t yet redeem sweatcoin for PayPal cash. This is true whether you are using Android or iOS. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to access real money from your sweat coins! 

If you have an iPhone 6S or newer running at least iOS 10.2, you can use Apple Pay for in-store purchases and also for online shopping. If and when Amazon finally supports Apple Pay it should be soon you could also buy stuff from Amazon directly from your phone with those same sweatcoin.

Whether or not these options will work for everyone really depends on what kind of spending habits each person has – and only time will tell how well these payment systems work with sweatcoin.

Technically, you can’t directly redeem to a PayPal cash. Instead, you’ll have to convert them into something like an Amazon gift card via one of Sweatcoin five partner apps: Pact, Happy Scale, Hello Fresh, Yummly and Boxed.

These food-delivery and subscription services all partner with Sweatcoin so you can earpoints by walking with their app in addition to using it regularly.

Then, once you’ve amassed enough points through healthy activity—and let’s be real: eating salads and grilled chicken is healthier than buffalo wings and French fries—you can use those tokens for Amazon gift cards as well as other rewards from various brands in partnership with Sweatcoin.

Can You Cash Out Sweatcoin To Giftcard


Yes you can. You will see a dashboard, tap it then tap Get Gift Card. Now click Go To Store, Enter in a store name or search for it by tapping .You will see gift cards from different stores and you can pay with sweatcoin. 

Once payment is done click and now enter code without error otherwise you won’t receive gift card successfully . once verified you’ll get email within 24hrs with confirmation that your gift card has been sent via post.

When You receive notification of shipment confirm it by following link provided in email or call tracking number provided to check status and validity of package (If not received contact support).

Sweatcoin Minimum Withdrawal


There’s no limit to how much you can earn with Sweatcoin, but as far as a minimum withdrawal goes, it’s $10. 

You’ll also have to pay for your own personal payout fee of 1.5% of that money that you request be sent to you (e.g., if you want $100 from your account, then you’ll need at least $105 in there before requesting a payout).

Requirements To Withdraw From Sweatcoin 


You must have reached or exceeded a 20,000 point threshold and it’s best if you did that within a 30-day time frame. Now, once you reach that goal, simply open up your app. 

Go into settings and select withdrawal from there, inputting all relevant information. Once you complete that process, your rewards will be paid via Amazon gift cards within two business days (or less) of you requesting them.

How awesome is that? And not only can you make money by walking with Sweatcoin but also by completing surveys and competing in challenges as well! Also worth noting: You can spend points in a variety of ways!

Restrictions In Sweatcoin Withdrawal


Sweatcoin will let you exchange your points for items, but only in bulk. If you have 2,000 points and are looking to spend $20, you’ll only be able to redeem enough tokens for $20 worth of rewards. And unless you earn more than 600 per day—one mile at a time, you can only redeem 3 items per month.

Another restriction is that some items sell out, like Fitbit Charge HR, 80 points and Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (50), so make sure if you want one of those items that they’re still available before you commit all your hard-earned sweatcoin. Otherwise they’ll disappear into cyberspace forever!



That’s all, I hope you have learnt how to cash out on sweatcoin with iPhone? Do you have further questions? Feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback. Also navigate our related articles, and learn more about cash app.