How To Buy Apple Watch Series 6 Online

Do you want to buy Apple watch series 6 but do not know what it entails? Or are you looking to find a good place to buy Apple watch series 6? Then read this article that has explained the features, benefits, as well as where and how to buy Apple watch series 6. The article is highly educational so read through to the end. 


What Is The Apple Watch Series 6?

Before moving on to information about how to buy Apple Watch Series 6, let us see what it is. Apple watch series 6 is one of the models of Apple watches that was launched in September 2020. It can be an upgraded successor to the 2019 high-end Apple watch series 5. This model has a faster processor and enhanced health features as well as better design features. 

I believe you are familiar with Apple watches. They are a set of digital wristwatches produced by the world-renowned Apple company. These watches are not only beautiful to behold but they are also laced with modern technology. Therefore Apple watches are used for several other functions than the usual function of a watch. 


As we move on, you will see the importance as well as functions of Apple watches and how to buy the Apple watch series 6. So, let’s proceed. 

Reasons To Buy Apple Watch Series 6 – What Does Apple Watch Series 6 Do?


There are several beautiful reasons and properties of the Apple watch that would make you want to buy it over and again. See some of them below. 

It helps to monitor blood oxygen. 

One major reason why you should buy Apple watch series 6 is that it comes with a blood oxygen sensor. It helps to monitor your blood oximeter. With this technology, you can measure your blood oxygen saturation. This represents how much oxygen is carried from your lungs to the rest of your body. 

Sleep Tracking


Another health benefit or reason to buy Apple Watch Series 6 is that it is made with a sophisticated operating system that can be used to keep a track record of your sleep and users’ sleep time. It takes an on-demand measurement while they are still and for background measurement periodically while they are inactive, including when asleep. 

Automatic Hand Washing Detection


Its technology includes a feature that helps to detect hand washing. Especially during the period of COVID 19. 



It also keeps a record of your workout even if you are asleep. There are new workout types like Pilate and Tai Chi. These are supported by custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms. These are all aimed at providing users with accurate metrics about their help. 

All of these are available on the health App of the wristwatch. Generally, if you want to be very conscious of your physical and mental well-being, then you should buy the Apple watch series 6. 

Ultra Wideband Support. 

Moving on with the reasons to buy Apple watch series 6, it is important to know that it has ultra-wideband support with a digital car key. With this, you can lock your car from a distance and start it from the driver’s seat. You can also add the keys to your home, offices, and hotel to your walker and open them with the Apple watch series 6. 

A well-redesigned Home App. 

When you buy Apple watch series 6 with the WatchOS 8, you have more convenient access to accessories like the Homekit-enabled camera. With this, you can see who is at your door from your wristwatch. 

Intercom Benefits


Another reason to buy Apple watch series 6 is that it grants you access to the intercom. With this feature, you can broadcast a message throughout your home or to individual rooms. This can be done using the HomePod, HomePod mini, or any other personal device. 

Features Of Apple Watch Series 6


Other features and functions that you will get when you buy the Apple watch series 6 are 

  • Portrait watch face and photo
  • Message and contact. 
  • Multiple timers
  • Find item/find device. 
  • Music
  • Weather
  • Apple Fitness.
  • 64 bits dual-core processor. 
  • 28 hours battery life. 
  • Up to 50 meters of water resistance. 
  • 36GB music storage. 
  • Colors: it is offered in space gray, silver, blue, gold, and Apple watch red product red aluminum case option. 

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 Worth Buying?


Looking at the features and benefits explained above, it is safe to say that the Apple watch series 6 is worth buying. That is, you can buy the Apple watch series 6 to enjoy all of those components and features listed and explained above. 

Where To Buy Apple Watch Series 6


There are several ways to buy Apple watch series 6. The GPS and GPS + Cellular are all available for purchase at You can also buy it through the Apple mobile app that is available on Apple App Store. 

Furthermore, you can buy Apple watch series 6 from various retail stores online and in-store. Some of the most popular stores for buying the Apple watch series 6 are Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc. 

You can also contact the Apple watch customer care center to inquire about reselling. That is for those who want to upgrade from an older version to series 6.

How Much Can I Buy Apple Watch Series 6? 


It is important to furnish yourself with the price before you proceed to buy an Apple watch series 6. There are two types of Apple watch series 6 and each of them is sold at a different price. Apple watch series 6 sells at a starting price of $399. This type has a GPS. The Apple watch series 6 with GPS + Cellular is $499.

When Can I Buy Apple Watch Series 6?


You can buy the Apple watch series 6 anytime you wish. It was launched and has been available since September 18, 2020, in the United States, Puerto Rico, and other twenty-seven countries. Currently, you can buy the Apple watch series 6 from any part of the world at any time. 

Can I Design My Apple Watch Series 6?


Yes, when ordering an Apple watch series 6, you have the option to include beautiful engravings of your choice. Hence it is adequate to be used as gifts to your loved ones.



Apple watch series 6 is a great option for lovers of digital wristwatches. In the article, we have shown you some of the features and reasons why you should buy Apple watch series 6. We also saw where to buy it as well as the cost. I believe after now, you will waste no more time getting yours.