How To Block Ads On Youtube App On iPhone/ iOS

Are you frustrated with YouTube ads on your iPhone and you are looking for a way to get rid of them? Are you searching for how to block ads on youtube apps on iPhone? Then you should not skip reading this article for anything in the world. 


Here you will get the A to Z of how to easily and quickly block ads on YouTube apps on iPhone. In Addition to that, I will give a detailed overview of what YouTube ads are, the types of ads on YouTube as well as the reasons for the ads. So don’t go away as we proceed to the introduction. 

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform that was launched in 2005 by Google. It is a platform through which you can sell your goods and services as well as advertise your products and content. Over the tears of its existence, it has been of great help to millions of users in diverse ways. 


If you are an iPhone user and you are not comfortable with many ads on YouTube, then you should be interested in knowing how to block ads on YouTube for iPhone. In this article, I have shared some methods of YouTube ads on iPhones. Do let’s go in as you learn through the steps. 

What Are Youtube Ads?


The word Ads used here stands for advertisement. Therefore YouTube ads are promotional videos and activities that are seen on YouTube while using it. They are various types but all aimed at promoting or marketing content, idea, or business. 

People use YouTube to display ads because it is believed that it will reach a wider audience there since the platform has millions of users daily. 

Types Of YouTube Ads


There are different types of YouTube ads. For time sake, I will explain just a few of them briefly. 

Skippable Video Ads: this is the commonest type of ad. It can appear anywhere within the video (before, during, or after). It is can be skipped after about five seconds. 

None Skippable Ads: this type of ad cannot be skipped and they also come at any point in the video. They sometimes take up to 15 seconds and you must watch to the end. 

Midroll Ads: this group of ads cones at the middle of the video. And they are mostly none skippable. 

Bumper ads: this group of ads comes at the beginning of the video. And you must watch them before playing the video. 

Why Am I Getting Ads On My Youtube?


The answer is simple. The major reason why you are getting ads on youtube is because that is the means through which it generates revenue. YouTube is a popular medium for watching videos for the purpose of learning and entertainment. It is free to use. 

However, the developers as well as the management of the organization need funds to run effectively. How then do they get the needed funds to cover the cost of management and all of that? It is through the fees paid to carry out adverts on the various YouTube channels. It is because of this that you find ads on YouTube. 

Nevertheless, this article is dedicated to how to block ads on YouTube app on iPhone. What does that even mean? You may ask. See the meaning in the next paragraph. 

What Does It Mean To Block Ads On Youtube App On iPhone?


So far you have seen what YouTube ads are and the reason why you are getting ads on your youtube. However, the ads can get messy as they keep obstructing you from viewing the content that you want. And with this, you end up spending more time and data on YouTube than you had envisioned. If this is your plight and you want a way out, then blocking the ads is the only option. 

The process of going the extra mile to stop getting YouTube ads on your iPhone is what it means to block ads on YouTube for iPhone. Blocking ads gives you straightforward access to use YouTube without having to watch I wanted content that may sometimes pop up on your screen. 

Can I Block Ads On YouTube App iPhone?


Yes, you can block ads on the YouTube app on iPhone. There are steps you can take to make your youtube experience ad-free. See how to do it in the next paragraph. 

How To Block Ads On Youtube App On iPhone


I am going to show you 3 ways to block ads on YouTube app on iPhones easily and quickly in this section. Pay attention as we go through each of them. 

Use Of YouTube Premium


This is the first and easiest way to block ads on YouTube. This is by subscribing to YouTube premium. Although it is simple, you will be charged a fee of about $11 for this. With this, you will no longer see ads on YouTube app on iPhone. 

Block Ads On YouTube App on iPhone using Safari


You can also block Ads on YouTube app on iPhone through the use of Safari browser on your iPhone. This method does not involve money. You can do that by taking the following steps. 

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Safari on the list of apps. 
  • Scroll down to the next page and click on “block pop-up ads”
  • Tap on Content blocker”
  • Select Extensions 
  • Search for the third-party app that you have installed on your phone. 
  • Toggle on the add blocker to switch it on. 
  • Restart your phone. 

How To Block Ads On YouTube App On iPhone Using Third Party App 


There are several other third-party apps that can be used for the purpose of blocking ads on YouTube apps on iPhone. And fortunately, they are available in the Apple Store. Some of such third-party blocker apps are AdLock, AdGuard, Pure Tuber, etc. You can use any of these but let me explain the steps using AdLock. 

  • Go to the homepage of your phone and click on Safari. 
  • Select youtube from the next page. 
  • Tap on the Share button
  • Select Block YouTube Ads. 

With this, you have successfully blocked ads on YouTube App on iPhone. 

What Happens When I Block Ads On Youtube App On iPhone?


When you block ads on YouTube, you will no longer find any promotions or adverts that cause obstructions and delays while watching videos on YouTube. 



The article has extensively explained how to block ads on YouTube on iPhone using 3 methods.  By following every step above, I know you will have a seamless journey on YouTube.