Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu & Prices 2022 – Hometown Buffet Menu

There are always a wide variety of hometown buffet breakfast menu that would satisfy your cravings. These are always delicious and mouthwatering delicacies that would make you seek for more.

Not only that hometown buffet breakfast menu items are delicious, they are also carefully prepared to meet a good nutritional need. Another interesting thing about the Hometown Buffet breakfast is that they are always cheap and affordable, even to a common man.

So if you have been planning of driving in to hometown restaurant for your breakfast, you may check out this article to know the cost of individual breakfast menu at hometown buffet restaurant.

Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu With Prices


Hometown Buffet is one of the American fast food restaurants out there which has been known for their delicious delicacies, ranging seafoods, beverages, desserts, and so on.

Some of the recent hometown buffet breakfast menu items are.



Below are the regular Hometown Buffet breakfast menu items with their prices:

  1. French Toast (3) – $4.65
  2. Daphne’s Omelette – $7.35
  3. South of the Border Omelette – $7.35
  4. South of the Border Skillet – $7.35
  5. Gyro Skillet – $7.35
  6.  ChorizoSkillet – $7.35
  7. Gypsy Skillet – $7.35
  8.  MeatLovers Omelette – $7.95
  9. Hawaiian Omelette – $7.35
  10. Country Fried Steak & Eggs – $8.45
  11. Two Eggs – $4.45
  12. Steak & Eggs – $9.45
  13. Chopped Steak & Eggs – $8.75
  14. Corned Beef Hash & Eggs – $6.95
  15.  Gyros& Eggs – $7.35
  16. Pancakes (3) – $4.65
  17.  VegetarianOmelette – $6.90
  18. Cheese Omelette – $5.95

Hometown Buffet Menu For Kids


Aside the regular breakfast menu, hometown buffet also made provisions for the kids, having a variety of breakfast meals specifically for the kids. Some of such meals are:

  1. Cheeseburger & Fries – $5.15
  2. Hot Dog & Fries – $5.15
  3.  ChickenTenders & Fries – $5.15
  4. Hamburger & Fries – $5.15
  5. Grilled Cheese & Fries – $4.15
  6. Spaghetti or Mostaccioli – $5.15
  7. French Toast – $4.15

Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu For Senior Citizens


There are also hometown buffet breakfast menu specifically made for the senior citizens. Senior citizens are aged adults from the age of 65 years and above. Some of such breakfast menu for the senior citizens are:

  • Quarter Fried Chicken – $7.65
  • Pork Tenderloin – $7.65
  •  SpaghettiMeatloaf Ham – $7.65
  • Chopped Steak & Onion – $7.65
  • Liver & Onion – $7.65
  • Pork Shop Mostaccioli – $7.65

Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu Nutrition


In order to always eat healthy, it is advisable you check the Nutritional Information of any hometown buffet breakfast menu, to know if it’s compatible with your health. This nutritional information could include the levels of the calories, carbs, fat, protein, and so on.

You can always check the Nutritional Information yourself, which is very easy to do. To check this, just head on to “MyFitNesssPal” and search for the particular hometown buffet breakfast menu you want to check.

Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu Calories.

To stay healthy while enjoying your favorite meals, it is very important you monitor your calories intake. You should always check the level of calories in any meal you are going for.

While there are some Hometown Buffet breakfast meals that have low calories, there are still some that have slightly higher calories, ranging from 40 calories to 70 calories or above.
This is why it is always important you examine the particular meal you want to enjoy at Hometown Buffet breakfast.

How To Order Online At Hometown Buffet


Just like several other American restaurants out there, it is also possible to order for your hometown buffet breakfast, dinner or lunch, online.

Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu

Let’s say your schedule is too tight such that you don’t have chance to drive in to Hometown Buffet near you, to get your favorite menu, you can easily do that online, and you will have your meals delivered to your doorstep.

Placing order for your hometown buffet meals is very easy. Just head over to “BringMeThat” and select the particular hometown buffet meal you want to order for.

One interesting thing about this option is that it makes provision for you to give additional instructions for your meals. This means that you can make a different description on how you would love your meals to be prepared, and they will have that done for you. The only thing is that making additional instructions always comes with extra charge fee.

Hometown Buffet Phone Number


If you have any reason to contact Hometown Buffet on phone, it would be nice to let you know that their phone number is available. To contact Hometown Buffet on phone number, simply dial: +1 559-221-0444.

How Much Is Hometown Buffet Breakfast Menu?


The prices of Hometown Buffet breakfast menu items range from as low as $4 to $7 and above.