Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours 2022 – With Menu Prices

Hampton inn has become a very popular American hotel because of their satisfying services, especially their breakfast menu which is always appealing to customers. Hampton breakfast menu has been known to be ideal for any kind of Nutritional need.

Being one of the American hotels that offer free breakfast and Wi-Fi, customers especially travelers don’t always like passing by without branching at Hampton inn to cool off their brain.

However, Hampton has specific time for each of their meals. For example, the Hampton breakfast hours are only served for a specific period of time. All these, we shall be addressing in this article; the Hampton inn breakfast time, and so on.

Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours Or Time


Hampton Inn Breakfast Hours are from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, from Monday to Sunday. This means that Hampton inn breakfast time remains the same all through the week. Whether on weekends or weekdays, Hampton inn breakfast hours never changes.

However, Hampton inn breakfast hours may vary slightly from location to location. You know, Hampton inn has over 2,544 hotels in 30 countries; so the Hampton inn breakfast time may actually vary slightly across these locations.

Though Hampton inn breakfast menu may vary from location to location, the Hampton inn breakfast menu may still be the same in every Hampton inn location.

Services Offered By Hampton Inn


There is a variety of services offered by Hampton inn, which always keep it at the heart of customers. At Hampton inn, you got to enjoy many services and extensive amenities ranging from fu restaurants, business centres, guest pantry, laundry, fitness centres and so on.

Hampton inn has become so popular particularly because of the free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, warm, welcoming and affordable services they always offer to their customers especially travelers.

Hampton inn was founded in 1984 by Promus Hotel Corporation, having it’s headquarters at Memphis, Tennessee, United States. But today, it has over 2,544 hotels across 30 countries.

Hampton Inn Breakfast Menu With Prices



The Hampton inn breakfast bar comprises of yogurt, fruits hot tea, toast, waffles and various desserts, cold and hot cereals, coffee along with a variety of juices, as well as an assortment of scrambled eggs, biscuits bacon, sausages, and country-style ham.


This Hampton inn breakfast menu include a variety of assorted fruit, various pastries, and cinnamon rolls and so on.

  • HOT & FRESH – $11.95

These are Assorted Whole Fruit, Assorted Bagels served with jams cream cheese, butter, and peanut butter. Assorted Large Muffins with Scrambled Eggs Sausages OR Bacon, Chilled Fruit Yogurts and Coffee, and Assorted Juice Pitchers Juice


You can add some items to your private continental breakfast to spice it up more. Some of the items you can add are:

  1. Yogurt Sundae Bar – $3.00 per person
  2. Grits – $2.00 per person
  3. Oatmeal – $2.00 per person
  4. Scrambled eggs – $2.00 per person
  5. Bacon and Sausage – $2.00 for each person
  6. Assorted Pastries – $14 per half dozen
  7. Bagels – $14 per half dozen
  8. Croissants – $25 per dozen
  9. Donuts – $20 per dozen
  10. Assorted Cereal & Milk – $3 per person
  • REVITALIZE – $6.95

This comprises of chilled fruit yogurts Nutri-grain bars, freshly picked fruit, coffee, and a variety of pitchers of juice

  • REFUEL – $8.95

This includes mini muffins with various flavors with coffee cake slices, whole fruit Vanilla yogurt, coffee, granola topping, and different containers of juice.

  • RECHARGE – $8.95

This Hampton inn Breakfast Menu comprises of chilled fruit yogurts, bagels filled with jams, cream cheese, and jellies, all seasonal fruit, coffee, and so on.

  • SWEET & SALTY – $6.95

This is made up of freshly baked popcorn, cookies assorted mini candies, pretzels, and pretzels

  • MOVIE TIME BREAK – $7.95

This includes about 3 kinds of film-inspired popcorn sweets and Iced tea

  • POWER-UP – $8.95

This is made up of various power bars, dried fruit as well as a variety of chilled yogurts and assorted energy drinks, and bottles of water.


This is made up of freshly baked chocolate brownies, chip cookies, M&M’s trail mix, and Iced tea.

  • C’EST LA VIE – $9.95
  1. Freshly brewed coffee – $25 for a gallon
  2. Iced tea – 25 cents per gallon
  3. Fruit juices – $8 per pitcher
  4. Fruit juice in bottles – $4.50 per bottle
  5. Lemonade is $25 per gallon
  6. Assorted soft drinks – $2 for each (Pepsi Products)
  7. Bottled water – $2 per bottle
  8. Red Bull energy drinks – $4 each
  9. Flavored vitamin water – $4 each
  1. Individually bagged potato chips – $15 for a dozen
  2. A selection of nutrition bars – $16 per dozen
  3. Mixed nuts – $14 per pound
  4. Trail mix – $15 per pound
  5. Soft pretzels – $20 per dozen
  1. Freshly baked cookies – $24 per dozen
  2. Candy bars assortment – $14 for a dozen
  3. Brownies – $24 for a dozen
    Assorted pastries – $14 per half dozen
  4. Bagels – $14 per half dozen
  5. Croissants – $25 per dozen
  6. Donuts – $20 per dozen
  7. Assorted cereal & milk – $3 per person
  1. Display of fresh, whole fruit – $2 per person
  2. A platter of seasonal fruits sliced – $3 per person
  3. The chilled fruit yogurts cost – $2 each.
  4. Assorted protein bars – $3 each



That’s all for hampton inn breakfast hours and menu prices. You can check out other restaurants breakfast time and menu in our related articles.