Green Dot Card Activation : How To Activate Green Dot Visa Card

Definitely, you’re among those searching for Green dot card activation : how to activate green dot visa card online. If I’m right, then’ search no further. This blog post will properly guide you on how to effortlessly register and activate your green dot card by yourself.

Few days ago we shared a tutorial on how to register for a greendot account, and I believe a lot of people find it very helpful. Now, to complete the information” we are going to discuss how to activate green dot card after the registration. So that you can be able to use the visa card for your online shopping, paying bills and carry out transactions.

Green dot card activation is something that you can actually achieve within a few minutes. But before you can be able to do this, you must have the card at hand and then’ use the details there to activate it.

For those who know little or none about green dot card, I will briefly explain it now” before I proceed to sharing information on how to activate the card online by yourself.

What Is Green Dot Card?


Green dot card is an FDIC-insured, reoladable prepaid debit card that can be use to pay bills, transfer money, do online shopping etc.

However, green dot cards are sold in over 90,000 approved stores in United States. These are some of the stores you can buy and reload your green dot cards; 7-Eleven, ACE Cash Express, CVS/Pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, Walmart etc.

Can I Use Green Dot Card Without Registering?


Well, the answer is YES. It’s not impossible to use a greendot visa card without registering it.

However, the account will provide limited functionality prior to registration. The temporary card can only be used to make purchases until the initial amount loaded to it is exhausted.

Green Dot Card Activation : How To Activate Green Dot Visa Card


Remember, before you could proceed to green dot visa card activation’ you must have registered and get your card delivered to you. When you have it, you can now proceed to activating online following these steps;

  • Visit
  • When the site open, provide your card details to proceed.
  • Enter your 16-digit card number
  • Card expiration date; Month and year, as shown in your greendot card.
  • Next step is to enter your 3-digit CVV Number. You can find it at the back of your green dot card, just like every other visa card.
  • Check the screenshot below;
  • Green Dot Card Activation : How To Activate Green Dot Visa Card
  • Click NEXT to open the next page, where you will be prompt to enter your Name. – Address. – Date of birth and other personal information.
  • When you’re done, wait for some hours to get ur information verified and start using your green dot card.

Alternatively, you can as well activate your green dot card by reaching out to their customer support via phone call. This is their phone number, => call (866) 795-7605.

That’s all, but not the end. Now, I will proceed to answering frequent ask questions concerning greendot card activation and its usage.

How To Activate Green Dot Card Without Social Security – SSN


While it seems easy to activate greendot card, a lot of its new users find it very difficult to provide the social security number. There by looking for information on how to use green dot card without social security. Or, activate it without providing the SSN. Well, below is what you need to do” and also watch the tutorial video;

For you to be able to activate green dot card without social security, you will have to set your date of birth to someone under the age 18yrs. And then’ enter all zero or all 1 in the SSN filed, and proceed to provide other required information.

Why Is My Green Dot Card Not Activating?


If you followed the above steps properly, you definitely should have activate your green dot card now. You couldn’t simply because you aren’t doing it the right way, or there’s an ongoing technical issue.

All you have to do right now is to contact greendot customer service at (866) 795-7597. They will help you to activate your card instantly.

How Long Does It Take For Green Dot Card To Activate?


Your green dot card registration requires further review. This will take about 2 business days and then your temporary card will be ready for use. You will receive your personalized card in 2 weeks.

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At this point, I will be wrapping up the content’ hopefully you have learnt everything about Green dot card activation : how to activate green dot visa card online.

If you have further questions, go ahead and use the comment box below or contact green dot card customer service with the phone number above. You can as well refer to our related articles below;