First Bank Transfer Code : How To Transfer Money With First Bank USSD Code

As a first bank customer with over ten years experience, I will teach you everything about First Bank transfer code : how to transfer money with first bank USSD code. If you have been finding it difficult to transfer money from first bank to another bank or from first bank to first bank. Definitely, this blog post will guide you properly. It’s very easy, and doesn’t require additional charges for ATM.


With the information that I’m about to share with you guys now, you can easily send money from your first bank account to another bank, without visiting any nearby banking hall.  The amazing thing here is that, with works perfectly with or without internet connection.

The first bank ussd code is *894#. But I will teach you how to easily send money to someone with the above code. And how much you can be able to send per day using this First Bank transfer code.


First Bank Transfer Code : How To Transfer Money With First Bank USSD Code

Irrespective of the phone you’re using, just note that you can use this code to transfer money from your first bank account to another. It doesn’t require any internet connection and it’s very safe.

NOTE: For you to be able to transfer money with this first bank transfer code” you must have registered and activate your online banking with your PIN at hand. I always advice my readers to visit the bank for internet banking activation PIN. Though, you can as well achieve that with this guilde;

How To Register/ Activate First Bank USSD Code


  • To activate your first bank ussd code for the first time dial *894*0# and send.
  • Choose your preferred debit card.
  • Enter your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the debit card.
  • Now you can enjoy First bank ussd banking

With my years of experience with first bank. I can practically tell you that it’s one of the best and most trusted bank so far. Though a lot of people say that its requirements for account opening is too much. But I guess is for security purposes. That’s by the way, see how to make transactions with your first bank.

First Bank Transfer Code To Other Bank – How To Transfer Money With First Bank USSD Code


  • For you to send / transfer money from your first bank account to another person’s account
  • Dial *894* amount* account number#.
  • Example: *894*20000*3457766889# and send it.
  • Select the preferred bank and cross check if the account number correspond with the name that pops up.
  • Recheck the amount you’re about to transfer and finally
  • Enter your 5 digit transaction PIN.
  • And send it, enjoy.

Even if you dial *894# you will also see instructions on how to send money to someone. But to make it easier for you, follow the above example.

That’s all, use this procedure to send money to anyone, irrespective of the bank.

N/B; with the above method, you can only transfer 100,000 per day. That means hundred thousand naira is your daily limit.

But if you want to transfer more than 100,000. Then, you will have to use your first bank mobile App.

How To Buy Airtime Using First Bank USSD Code


For the past two years, I haven’t recharged my phone with normal paper card. It’s been through my bank account. In fact, I feel so lazy going to buy recharge card outside. So, you can easily purchase any amount of airtime from your first bank account.

First Bank USSD Code For Airtime

  • For you to buy airtime from your first bank account, dial *894*amount#. Example: *894*500# and send it.
  • Make sure that the number you’re dialing this code is the one you used to create your first bank account.
  • If you are buying it for yourself, it will b successful without requesting for any PIN.

How To Buy Airtime For Others With First Bank USSD Code

If you’re buying for another person, or to your second sim/phone number. Follow the below guildlines;

  • Dial*894*amount*phone number# and send it.
  • Example: *894*500*08140709966# and send. You have to replace the phone number you’re buying the card to, with the one here.
  • Select network. Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtime, etc.
  • Enter your first bank transfer code 5digit PIN number and finally send.
  • Make sure you check the phone number very well, to avoid buying recharge card to an unknown number.
  • That’s all.

First Bank USSD Code Overview


Transaction Type

First Bank Quick Banking Code

First Bank Transfer Code *894#
Buy Airtime For Self *894*Amount#
Check BVN Number *565*0#
Buy Airtime for Others *894* Phone number* Amount#
Transfer to Other banks *894*4*account number*amount#




At this point, I believe you have learnt how to transfer money from your bank account to another bank with first bank transfer code? And also you have seen first bank ussd code.

I’m glad we help you to achieve that, if you have further questions concerning online banking or quick banking. Feel free to reach out to us, via the comment box below.