FaceTime Audio Not Working – Learn How To Fix It

This article is concerned with FaceTime Audio Not Working. This is to help, guide and teach you and others who might have been thrown off balance with this situation. Here you will learn how to fix facetime audio not working after ascertaining the causes of the issue. Eager to get a solution, wait no further as we go directly into the details. 


Apple devices have continually maintained a unique standard in the tech world that makes them stand out among other products. One such feature which is peculiar to Apple devices like iPhones, iPad, Mac, and others is the FaceTime Audio. It is not just unique but easy to use. 

However, users often complain about Facetime Audio not working. I share in your pain and strongly understand how frustrating it is hence I will take you through the reasons why your facetime audio is not working as well as how to fix facetime audio not working. I know you would love this quick hack but let’s begin by understanding what facetime audio is. 


What Is Facetime Audio?


Facetime Audio is one of the free services of Apple that let users make calls between Apple devices. Using this service to make calls does not require a cell phone service. 

This service is available to iPhones, iPad, Apple watches, iPods, and Mac Computers. 

It has been observed by users that Facetime Audio calls are of better quality than regular phone calls. This is majorly due to its VoIP service. With its importance, one can relate to what It means when it is said that “Facetime Audio Not Working”. Continue reading to see the causes. 

Reasons For Facetime Audio Not Working


When you experience Facetime Audio Not Working, the first thing to do is not to rush off to a technician for repairs. It could be something minor that you can fix yourself. So first of all, check the causes or reasons for Facetime audio not working. I will highlight some possible reasons below. 

  1. Poor Cellular Network or Wifi Connection. 
  2. A Need For IOS Update.
  3. Spoilt Or Muted Microphone.
  4. Microphone Interruption From Other Apps. 
  5. System Glitches
  6. Audio Might Be On HeadPhone Setting. 
  7. Restricted In-App System

These are some of the possible reasons why your FaceTime audio is not working. Let’s see if you can fix them. 

Can I Fix FaceTime Audio Not Working?


Yes, you can fix FaceTime audio not working. Surprisingly, you do not need the service of a technician because most of the causes have to do with the device settings. These cases are easy to fix following the guide that will be given below. 

How To Fix FaceTime Audio Not Working


Since we’ve established that it is possible to fix FaceTime audio not working, let’s now see how that is done in 8 ways. So read below to see the complete guide. 

 Check Internet Connection


The first step to take is to check that your internet connection is not the cause. Check if your cellular network or Wifi is well connected.

If the connection is poor or bad, gang or end the call for a while. Poor internet connection usually does not take a long time to re-stabilize. 

Reset And Update FaceTime App


Another way to fix FaceTime audio not working is to update the App and perform a quick reset. Mobile applications sometimes stop working when there is a need for updates. So go to your App Store and get the app updated. After doing that, reset it to rule out the possibility of not working again. Here is how to perform a quick reset;

  • Open the Settings app on your device,
  • Search and click on FaceTime
  • Turn the toggle switch off.
  • Allow it to rest for about 3 minutes and turn it toggle switch on again

This should help to fix the FaceTime audio not working. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t, try the next option. 

Check That The Microphone Is Not Muted


When you or the person at the other end of the call has accidentally muted their microphone, the audio would not work. So to fix this, check that the problem isn’t from your end by confirming the microphone. 

When the microphone is muted, the color would be white instead of gray. If that is the case, fix it by tapping on the microphone icon. You should also tell the other person to check and do the same. 

Check That The Microphone Is Not Busy


Another reason for FaceTime audio not working is when the device’s microphone is being used or interrupted by other applications on your phone. Applications like your messaging app and music app might be using the microphone at the time you want to make the call hence the interruption. 

To fix this, close every other app that might be using the microphone and try calling again. Simple right? The next solution is even more exciting so read further if this does not solve yours. 

Check The Volume


Also, confirm that your volume and that of the other person have not been reduced in any way. This is another way to fix FaceTime audio not working. 

If the reduced volume is the problem, fix it by tapping on the volume up bottom severally till it becomes loud again. Also, ask the other person to do the same. 

Restart Your Device


Whenever you observe FaceTime audio not working, try to restart your device and check if it will work. Restarting your device is easy and it varies from one Apple brand to the other. You can visit the iPhone store on to get the guide on how to restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, etc. 

Check If FaceTime Audio Is Enabled On Your Device


You are most likely going to experience FaceTime audio not working if the app is not enabled on your device. So to fix it, you have to enable it in your device settings. Here is how to go about it. 

  • Open your settings app
  • Navigate to FaceTime and click on it. 
  • Enable FaceTime by clicking on the toggle switch. 
  • On your FaceTime settings, confirm that your Apple ID and phone number are listed correctly

Update Your Device Software


Updating your device helps to fix bugs and glitches slowing down your devices or stopping FaceTime audio from working. Installing a software update requires you to stop whatever you are doing on your device as it will definitely take some time.  However, it is worth the time if you want all applications to work effectively again.

How To Install Software Update On Mac OS


  • Click on System Preference on your device. 
  • Navigate downward and tap Software Update. This will enable your mac to check for updates. 
  • Click Update Now. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts. 

How To Install Software Updates On iPhones


  • Open your Settings app.
  • Scroll downwards and click on General.
  • Tap Software Update. 
  • Click on Download And Install
  • Allow it to verify and download the update for some time. 
  • When the download is done, click on Install Now. 
  • Follow other instructions as you would be prompted on the screen. 

Confirm If FaceTime Is Available In Your Country


Although FaceTime is free and can be used internationally, it is not available in every country. And this could be a reason for FaceTime audio not working. So rather than stressing yourself, visit Apple’s website at to check the availability in your country. 

Nonetheless, if it isn’t accepted or available in your country, you can still access and use FaceTime through VPN. 



In this article, we have succeeded in showing you what FaceTime audio is and the reasons why it isn’t working on your device. It went further to explain nine ways of how to fix FaceTime audio not working rather than rushing off to a technician. If you have tried out all the methods explained above and it still doesn’t work, visit for help.