25 Best PayPal Games That Pay Real Money

Are you looking for a way to earn money by playing games on PayPal? Or have you heard of PayPal games but do not know if they are real or how they work? Don’t worry anymore as this article has the answer to all your questions.


It will also take you by hand to show you many games that pay real money on PayPal. So hang around till the end. 

Isn’t it amazing to know that you can earn money by playing games? Of course, playing games is something you would do anyway. So doing what you love best and getting real money from it is an awesome idea if you ask me. 


So in this article, we have provided a list of games that you can play and earn money that would be paid to your PayPal account. This is meant to be a relief to those searching for ways to “earn money by playing games PayPal”. I bet you cannot wait to see what we have in store for you. Let’s get into it. 

What Are PayPal Games?


To understand the concept of ” earn money by playing games PayPal”, let’s get what PayPal games are. And you would agree with me that the meaning is self-embedded. This is because I believe you know that PayPal is a payment application that has millions of users all over the world. With PayPal, you can send and receive money to banks, debit cards, save money, etc. 

Then a game is any activity to do for fun, relaxation, and entertainment. Therefore we can see that the concept of PayPal games means those fun activities that can be done on the PayPal platform where you can get paid. Read on to know how it works. 


How Does PayPal Games Work


This is simply how the PayPal games work. You locate the specific game that you are interested in and get registered according to its terms. After the registration process, you engage in the play of the games and the prizes to be won would be paid in as funds into your PayPal account. 

It’s as simple as that but then is it real? Find the answer as you read the next paragraph with rapt attention. 

Are PayPal Games Real?


Like me, I know many of you would want to know if the PayPal games are real to decide if you would go ahead with them or not. Bearing in mind that there are so many scams on the internet lately. So carefully read this. 

For a fact, there is nothing called PayPal games. As stated in the introductory section, PayPal is a payment platform and as such, the company does not have or recognize any game that pays money. This sounds disappointing, right? Not to worry, keep reading. 

As much as the motion of PayPal games is a mirage, there are mobile games that you can play and earn money on PayPal. So don’t go away because I will introduce you to how to earn money by playing games PayPal shortly. 

Can I Earn Money By Playing Games Paypal?


Yes, you can earn money by playing games PayPal. We are in a digital world where a lot of money-making opportunities lie on the internet only if you are open to information. The information that you need to earn money by playing games PayPal is what I’m about to show you. 

How Do I Earn Money From Playing Games PayPal? 


It is simply by playing any of the games that are explained below. Follow every stated criterion of paying prizes and rewards to winners or users.

Best Earn Money By Playing Games PayPal

Most of them have a minimum withdrawal amount. When yours her to that, you withdraw it through PayPal. 

What Games Give You Real Money On PayPal?


If you are seeking the answer to any of the two questions above, then this is where the answers are. Below are 30 games that can give you real money on PayPal. 

Survey Junkie

This is an online platform where you can earn up to $50 for completing a survey. Registration is easy and quick and surveys are determined by the demographic information you provided at registration. 

Daily Rewards

This is a platform that pays you for playing games and watching videos. It gives a $5 sign-up bonus and accepts users outside of the US. Interestingly, it pays directly to your PayPal account. 


ipoll is another platform that pays instantly to PayPal for playing games, watching videos, and giving reviews and opinions.


This is a platform where you can earn money by playing the games PayPal. Here you can earn money from playing games, for referrals, and also for signing up. 

App Station

This is a mobile app that can be downloaded on Google Play Store. Here you get a variety of games where you earn found that can be redeemed as cash on PayPal or gift cards. 

Brain Battle

This is another app where you can earn money by playing games PayPal. It is available for Android and iOS devices. Brain Battle is a good option for those interested in playing maths games. The points you earn from playing the games make up a ticket that qualifies for a raffle draw where you can earn thousands of dollars in your PayPal account. 

Moo Cash

Moo Cash is one of the websites to earn money by playing games PayPal. It pays you for visiting web pages, installing apps, reading emails, and filling out surveys. However, its minimum payout withdrawal is $5. 

My Konami Slots

This app is suitable for people who want to earn money by playing games PayPal without spending money. Here you can earn up to $100 daily but not for those below 18 years. Here you play the games offered by the app to win cash prizes. 

Pool Payday

This is a way to earn money by playing games PayPal for pool lovers. Registration is easy and how much you play determines how much you earn. 


Here you can earn money by playing games PayPal either with others or solo. You earn points from playing games which can be converted to buying vouchers, gift cards, or cash. 


With CashOut, you earn money by playing games PayPal from games, surveys, downloading apps, visiting websites, reading emails, searching the web, etc. 


With Swagbucks, you get a chance to win a lot of cash prizes. completing surveys, searching the internet, playing games, etc. It also gives a $5 signup bonus and a 10% referral bonus. Its cashout limit is $25. 


This is one of the oldest platforms where you can earn money by playing games PayPal. InboxDollars reward you for completing surveys, visiting websites, playing games, watching videos, shopping, etc. 

It gives you a $5 sign-up bonus and you can earn up to $10 for playing games within a few hours. 


MistPlay is another platform that pays big for playing a variety of games. Its pay depends on how much time you spend playing and it also gives new users a signup bonus. 


Here you can choose from an extensive list of games from which you can generate revenue for yourself. MyPoints also offers ways to earn from completing surveys, polls, watching videos, reading emails, etc. You get a $10 sign-up bonus and a 10% increase on your earnings for referrals. 


Here you get paid for winning any game you choose. There are many games such as scratch cards, daily spinning wheel, casino-based games, etc. However, you have to download the app and set up a profile. 

Feature Points

This platform gives you the quickest way to withdraw your money on PayPal. Earnings are from playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, participating in polls, etc. 

Wealth Words

This is one of the best ways to earn money from playing games PayPal. With Wealth Words, you play crossword puzzle games and earn money. 


With FusionCash you can earn money from doing various tasks like surveys, watching videos, clicking links, searching the internet, watching TV, playing games, etc. 

It gives a $5 sign-up bonus, $1 for each referral, and $2 for completing your first offer. And the payment is made instantly to PayPal. 

Solitaire Cube

Here you can also earn money from playing games.

Other games include

  • Lucky Level
  • Ebates
  • AppNana
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Quick Rewards
  • Make Money. 
  • Cash Pirate Buzz
  • GiftPanda
  • Givling
  • Long Game. 

Best PayPal Games That Pay Real Money


There is no specific best way to earn money by playing games on PayPal. The games explained above are legit. So map out a strategy that would help you earn big from any of them. 

How To Avoid Scams On PayPal Games


The following are a few tips you need to avoid or guard against scams when playing games that pay through PayPal. 

  • Protect your personal information. If possible use an avatar name and profile picture. 
  • Read about the company and scrutinize its credentials before registration and participation. 
  • Check the number of positive reviews that the company, site, or app has. 
  • Do not share information like a phone number or address with your opponent during the game. The person on the other side might be a scammer. 
  • Do not click on links, it downloads pop-ups. This is because some of them contain viruses. 



Although PayPal does not have games that are coordinated by the company, there are a lot of ways on the internet where you can earn money by playing games PayPal.

This article has briefly explained 30 such games. Go through it carefully to pick a suitable one. Do not forget the tips given to avoid getting scammed.