Does Earnin Work With Chime? Explained

You probably want to know if you can use Earnin to send/receive money from Chime or vice versa, and you are asking Does Earnin Work With Chime? Well! we shall be addressing that in this article. Chime is a financial technology company which renders online banking services to the United States citizens and beyond.


Chime was established with the sole aim  to serve as an alternative to the traditional banking method. Since its inception, it has helped many people to ease their financial burden by working with other financial institutions to offer cash advances to their esteemed subscribers. 

Most Earnin subscribers usually ask “Does Earnin Work With Chime? They want to know if they can make transactions between Earnin and Chime. However, the answer to this question is not far-fetched.


Stay tuned. It will also interest you to know that with Earnin app, subscribers can access their funds from paybacks before the payday arrives but this doesn’t mean that Earnin lend money to people.

Earnin doesn’t charge extra or mandatory fee but their policy is very strict to the extent that they don’t support people who are not self-employed.

Does Earnin Works With Chime


Yes, Earnin works with Chime under some circumstances. Hence, the question “Does Earnin works with Chime?” May not get straightforward answers because of some conditions. Depending on some factors, the answer can be “Yes” and “No”.

Does Earnin Work With Chime

Some users can successfully use Chime on Earnin while most of the subscribers’ accounts are not supported, hence, it is recommended that you check if your Chime account is supported by Earnin or not before trying to use it at their outlets.

Checking to know if your Chime account is supported by Earnin can be done in two ways, either as a new subscriber or an existing user.

For New Users


If you don’t have Earnin account and you are not used to the Earnin modes of operation, and you want to check if your Chime account is supported by Earnin, then, follow these simple procedures:

  • Navigate to the Earnin app 
  • Login to the app, follow the onscreen instruction and fill in the required information
  • Connect your Chime account with Earnin, fill in the needed information correctly
  • Then, wait for confirmation message
  • Now, the confirmation message will show if you have been verified by Earnin or not
  • Finally, if you are eligible, notification will be sent to you and that’s all.
For Existing Users


If you have an Earnin account, and you wish to connect your Chime debit card to it, then, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to an Earnin app and open it
  • Sign in with your details
  • Go to the settings
  • Choose “My Bank” option
  • Now, add Chime debit card on Earnin by correctly filling the vital information like the card number, CVV etc
  • Patiently wait for the notification which will confirm the acceptance of your Chime card.

To be precise in answering the question if Earnin supports Chime, the direct answer is that Chime is to be supported by Earnin. Hence, most  Chime Subscribers who try to add their bank details to Chime get their request rejected.

Even though Earnin doesn’t totally support Chime, it is kind of compatible with the Chime Users.

How To Find Out If Your Chime Account Is Supported By Earnin


Having known that Chime is not fully supported by Earnin though some subscribers can still use it, now if you want to know if your account is supported, just look at what will happen.

Once you select Chime from the bank selection list, the mobile app will display a message which will clarify you on whether your Chime account is supported by Earnin or not.

Meanwhile, if you are an existing user which means that you have already connected your Chime account but wish to switch to another bank, in some instances, you may not be able to link your Chime account anymore after the switch.

However, if your Chime account is supported by Earnin, ensure that you turn on “Allow transactions in your Chime settings” the implications of turning on “Allow transactions” is that if grants Earnin permission to send cash outs to your Chime account and debit you on Payday.

Requirements For Chime Subscribers To Work With Earnin


Before a Chime user can can successfully link their account with Earnin, there are some necessary requirements that the subscriber must meet before that can be done. Some Of The Requirements For Chime Users To Work With Earnin Include:

  • Smartphone 
  • Functioning Chime bank account 
  • Direct deposit into your Earnin Wallet to enable you qualify for an advance. 

How Do I Get Earnin To Work On Chime?


Currently, Earnin is granting some subscribers who use Chime permission to use their mobile app on trial basis. You can find out if you can benefit from the test by searching for Chime with the “Add Bank” key on Earnin.

Now, try adding the account and a message will be sent to you which would indicate if the option is available for you or not.

What Loan Apps Work With Chime Bank?


There numerous loan app that works with Chime which helps you to ease your financial burden, they include:

  • Dave
  • Cleo
  • Albert
  • Empower
  • MoneyLion
  • Varo
  • Branch

Are Chime Transfers Instant?


Yes, Chime transfer is instant, though this is only possible at the first time that you add money to your Chime checking account.

Anyways, it is easy, all you need to do is to link an external bank account, hence, add your debit card number, and you will be able to add a minimum of $200 instantly.

Why Does Chime Take So Long To Transfer Money?


Chime takes so long to transfer money because financial transactions between accounts are completed through ACH, which only works on normal working days, that is from Monday to Friday, federal government recognized holidays are excluded. Hence, on normal working days, it takes Chime about three days to complete fund transfer.

How Long Does It Take Earnin To Verify Chime?


According to the norms, it takes about 2 to 3 working days for the Earnin app to complete the verification process.

What Banks Can You Link To Earnin?


There are numerous banks that you can link Earnin to, so much of which are:

  • ACE Elite Prepaid Account
  • ACE Flare Account by Metabank
  • Albert
  • American Express Serve
  • Axis Bank
  • Bluebird by American Express
  • Branch
  • Comdata

Does Earnin Work With Chime Yet?


Not really, because some Earnin subscribers can still use Chime while some may not get access Chime.

If you are luck to have a Chime account that is supported by Earnin, ensure that you turn on “Allow transactions in your Chime settings”.

The importance of this is that it allow Earnin to send Cash Outs to your Chime account and subsequently debit you on the Payday.



We have exhaustively discussed on “Does Earnin Work With Chime”, where we x-rayed the working principle of Chime and how you can use Earnin app.