Chase Routing Number Washington | United States

Without doubts, Chase bank routing number in Washington is among the list of nine unique digits codes which chase bank branches and some other financial Institutions use to identify themselves. 


In the United States, this transit number otherwise known as ABA routing numbers is very vital for processing electronic funds transfers, it is a numerical address that holds banks responsible for payments and transactions which have been authorized.

Chase bank needs to be able to identify each of their branches in the U.S. and to make sure your financial transactions get to their destination quickly and secured. A chase routing number in Washington will be needed in this kind of situation in addition to giving access to customers to send and receive money from other financial institutions.


What Is The Routing Number For Chase Washington?


As a brief description was made on this topic in the introduction of this article above, all you need to know about chase routing numbers are as follows. The chase routing number is a set of bank identification numbers which is only assigned to specific branches of the bank in the United States. 

You would not expect a branch of Chase bank located in florida to have the same exact routing number as a branch in washington. The chase routing number in Washington will be revealed in the next segment of the article below. 

What Is Chase Routing Number In Washington State?


For your checking and savings account, the exact chase routing number in Washington is 325070760. This is the number that is assigned to all branches of Chase Bank in washington.

You need to know that (325070760) is also the ACH routing number needed for ACH transfers.

Most times, while using the financial institution services, you might be required to provide details of your routing number when you are making a bill payment, performing wire transfers, reordering of checks, direct deposit which implies a paycheck.

Does Chase Bank Use Similar Routing Numbers?


There is one routing number for Chase bank accounts in all branches in Washington. The same ABA routing number is used for both checking and savings accounts and is unique for Chase accounts in Washington.

Why Do I Need Chase Bank Routing Number In Washington?


There are a lot of reasons why you definitely need your bank routing number, most of these will be communicated in this section of the article below. This goes thus;

  • You need your chase routing number in washington to order checks online
  • For the payment of consumer bills
  • To receive money from a direct deposit, note that the person or institution making the deposit will need your bank’s routing number, along with your account number.
  • To authorize wire transfers
  • Lastly, for bank identification

Does Chase Have A Routing Number For Wire Transfers In Washington?


Yes! Apart from the main Chase bank routing number in Washington, there is another routing number that is specifically for carrying out wire transfers in the United States.

Most branches of Chase banks actually make use of these nine-digit codes, which implies that the code is not only applicable to branches in Washington, but also other Chase banks in the United States.

However, If you are trying to send a domestic wire transfer in Washington, “21000021” is the domestic and international wire transfer routing number for Chase which you would be required to use.

How To Find Chase Bank Routing Number In Washington?


If you are willing to carry an ACH transfer or a domestic wire transfer with Chase bank in Washington, you will definitely need to locate your routing. This is very important, especially the routing number is a different one from Washington, which was already mentioned in the article above. 

We’ve underlined some of the easiest ways to find your chase washington routing number, you can initiate this while following some simple procedures;

  • Chase Bank Statement Or Check
  • Visiting A Chase Bank Branch In Washington Or Other Locations
  • Connect with a Chase Bank Representative
  • Chase Bank Mobile Banking App
  • Visiting Chase Bank Official Website On The Internet

In a simplified order, the ways to get around these aforementioned methods will be explained in the following phase below.

  • Chase Bank Statement Or Check

You need to know on every bank statement or check, our personal information is always readily included on it. This simply implies that you can find your chase routing number in Washington on your check or bank statement. 

Nevertheless, if you have a chase check with you, on the front display of this paper, you will find your routing number which is immediately followed by your chase bank account number and the check number respectively.

It will be ugly of you to make a mistake by not being able to differentiate your routing number from the check number or account number. Note that the specific chase routing number is made up of 9 digits, while your account or check number is a little bit different. 

  • Visiting A Chase Bank Branch In Washington Or Other Locations

Although, I know you might be thinking this method doesn’t really seem easy to pull off. Everyone basically just wants to make things happen right from the comfort of their home. 

However, I can assure you that paying a visit to your Chase bank branch in Washington is definitely worth it. 

You can’t really compare the customer service comfort that will be offered to someone who visits a bank, rather than making a phone call. 

If you are trying to get information about your chase routing number washington. The following are some Chase bank branch addresses in Washington DC. 

  •  Chase Bank

Longview, WA, United States

  •  Chase Bank.

Olympia, WA, United States

  • Connect With a Chase Bank Representative

The moment you made contact with a Chase bank representative, either by giving them a phone call, sending the financial services company a direct mail or some other ways to get in touch. 

If you intend to make inquiries on your Chase routing number in Washington, you can call these Chase bank phone lines as they lead directly to one of the branches on washington.

Note that +1 360-636-7710 or +1 360-636-7710 are the phone numbers to call.

The bank’s technical support team will surely be on seat to assist you in finding your routing number.

  • Chase Bank Mobile Banking App

Every user of a banking service obviously has access to make use of their bank’s mobile applications, and this typically applies to Chase bank also. By logging into your bank mobile app, you should be able to access your details and get hold of your routing number.

This even seems a lot easier via the following method below, although it has a similar process.

  • Chase Bank Official Website

The reason for the similarities between locating your Chase bank routing number in Washington on the bank official website and mobile application is that they both require you to input your login credentials to sign into your account. 

Following a login, you would be able to navigate and find the routing number among your account information. It’s so simple that you should not perhaps experience difficulties while doing this.

Can I Find My Chase Routing Number In Washington On My Debit Card?


A debit card allows you to spend and withdraw money from your checking account without having to write a check to your Chase bank.

We all are aware of this, but can you really find your routing number on any Chase debit or credit card?

The obvious answer to this question is simply No, you won’t expect a financial institution to print such sensitive information on a debit card which is always utilized publicly.

In other words, only the cardholder’s name and card number are displayed on a debit card in addition to the expiration date.


Is It Safe To Give Someone My Chase Routing Number In Washington?


In terms of giving out your personal information such as your chase bank routing number washington, to someone you don’t trust, there are some tips to grab. You shouldn’t give your details to someone you don’t trust, this might lead to fraudulent checks with your account information, ACH frauds and other related activities. 

However, a fraudster will definitely need your routing number along with your bank account number to carry out any fraudulent activities. Only your routing number can’t do the job, but it is recommended you don’t share.



If you are a make use of chase bank services, you need to know that you will definitely need your chase washington routing number to ensure a seamless transaction that is free of delays.

However, 325070760 is the routing number you need in Washington for wire transfers, bill payments, direct deposits and many more.