Chase Routing Number Texas – Chase Bank Texas Routing Number

In this article, we are going to be talking about Chase Routing Number Texas, if you are in need of the most convenient and the easiest way to transfer funds within Texas and it’s environs, this article is for you, stay tuned.


But if you are not aware of how Chase Routing Number Texas works, no cause for alarm because this article is specially designed to keep you informed on the modus operandi of Chase financial institution. All you need to do is to chill and relax as we do it together.

It will be apt for you to know that Chase is a financial company or you can call it bank that has been operating in the United States for the past century. Chase financial institutions is saddled with the responsibility of rendering impeccable financial services to the United States citizens. And not only that, they also offer professional financial management assistance to the citizens on how they can utilize their funds judiciously.


Interestingly, Chase company has served millions of household across America with unalloyed financial services ranging from mortgages, personal banking, auto financing, business loans, investment advice and many more financial services too numerous to mention. If you are within Texas and you don’t have Chase Routing Number For Texas, go and get it today and you will be happy that you did.

What Is Routing Number?


A routing number in the United States is a 9-digit code or number that serves as means of identification for specific financial institutions like that of Chase company.

Routing number was primarily designed by American Bankers Association to help financial institutions process paper checks between banks, not only that, it also help them to send and receive money. Routing number can also be called ABA routing transit number.

Most of the federal financial institutions across United States like Federal Reserve Banks always need routing number whenever they want to process Fedwire funds transfers.

Majority of the banks in the United States have one routing number but in this case, Chase Bank doesn’t follow suit because it is too big. Hence, it has 24 different routing numbers in the United States.

Meanwhile, your Chase Routing Number, is primarily determined by the particular location that you opened your Chase account.

What Is Chase Routing Number In Texas


As I have stated earlier that due to the wide spread of Chase company in the United States, that Chase has 24 different routing numbers across the country.

The Chase Routing Number In Texas is by 111000614. This nine digit is very important because it needed for financial transactions like wire transfer, local fund transfer, bank account recognition, direct fund deposit etc.

Chase Routing Numbers For Wire Transfers


In the recent past, it was difficult to transfer funds internationally and even when it became possible, it do take many weeks before it could be delivered to the recipient but nowadays, it is very easy and cost effective to transfer funds globally. Kudos Chase company who is among the first financial institutions to cue in into wire transfer. The Chase international and local wire transfer routing number is 021000021.

But if you want to send funds internationally, you will also need the swift code but for local or domestic wire transfer, there is no need for swift code.

As you can see from the foregoing that the wire transfer code for both local and international transactions are the same. But the swift code for international transfer is entirely different. The swift code is CHASUS33.

Why Do I Need Chase Routing Number In Texas?


Even without being told, you know that there are enormous benefits accruing from having Chase Routing Number In Texas, but for clarity purpose, let me pen down some of the reasons why you need Chase Routing Number. You need Chase, if;

  • You want to have bigger Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network
  • You want  lower funds for certificate of deposit
  • You want an undemanding overdraft policy
  • You want a business loan
  • You want an investment advice and many more reasons.

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number


It is pertinent for you to understand you Chase Routing Number to avoid carrying out wrong financial transactions. Your Chase routing number is made up of 9-digits and each digit is unique. 

Below Are What Your Chase Routing Number Represent 


  • The first 4-digit of the routing number is for Federal Reserve Bank identification.
  • The following 4-digit in the sequence helps to identify your bank.
  • While the last single number is the check digit, which is usually gotten from an algorithm, hence, it determines the authenticity of the other  8-digit code.

How To Find Chase Routing Number


Before you start to find a Chase Routing Number, you must have a Chase bank account. If you have a Chase bank account but you don’t know your Routing Number,

Below Are The Easiest Ways To Locate Your Chase Routing Number:


  • Via the official website or application.
  • Contact Wells Fargo customer support service.
  • On your check.

Let’s briefly explain in details, how to find Chase routing number in different ways;

  • Via The Official Website Or Application

One of the easiest ways to find your bank routing number is to check the official website of the bank.

  • On Your Check


One of the fastest  ways to search for your Chase routing number is through your check, it is simple. All you need to do is;

Chase Routing Number Texas,

  • Open your Chase check
  • Look at the bottom left corner 
  • You will see nine-digit numbers
  • The nine digit number is your routing number.

N/B; – If after you the above two methods and you are still not satisfied, never hesitate to call Chase on their customer support line 1-800-935-9935 which would invariably help you to find a routing number for your account.

Ensure that you enter your routing number correctly whenever you want to carry out any transaction to avoid transferring funds into the wrong account.

How Many Digits Are Chase Routing Number?


Just as I have stated above that the Chase Routing Number, is usually a 9-digit code.

Is Chase The Same As US Bank?


No, Chase is not the same as the United States bank. Even though Chase and United States bank are the two biggest bank in the United States but they are not the same though they offer similar financial services.



This article on Chase Routing Number Texas offered us ample opportunity to discuss the modus operandi of Chase company and how one can access their inestimable services, not only that, we also enumerated the benefits of having Chase account and other related subheadings.