Chase Routing Number Michigan | Chase Bank Routing Number In Michigan

In this article, we shall be taking a good look at Chase Routing Number Michigan, if you want the most convenient and the fastest way to transfer funds within Michigan and its environs, this article is for you, stay tuned.


But if this is the the first time that you are hearing about chase bank routing number michigan, worry not’ as this article is specially designed to keep you informed on what routing number is, how it is been generated, it’s importance and any other relevant information about the modus operandi of Chase company.

Chase is a financial institution that operates in the United States of America that is saddled with the responsibility of rendering impeccable financial services to the citizens of the United States.


It would also interest you to know that the majority of the United States citizens have been banking with Chase bank, so what are you still waiting for? Visit any Chase bank nearest to you and open an account with them to enable you to get the Chase Routing Number and join the millions testifying to the excellent services of Chase bank.

However, if you are residing within Michigan and its environs but you don’t have Chase Routing Number, it may be difficult for you to transact your business with Chase company. So to be on the safer side, try and open a Chase account today to enable you to benefit from their services.

What Is Chase Routing Number?


The United States routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies a financial institution when carrying out financial transactions. Routing Number was designed by American Bankers Association (ABA) to help financial institutions to send and receive funds, not only that, it was also designed to help banks to process paper checks between financial institutions. Routing number is also called the ABA routing transit number.

Routing number is unique and it is location dependent, this means that your routing number is primarily determined by the particular location that you opened your Chase account.

Chase Routing Number  is very important in the United States because some federal establishments like Federal Reserve Banks always need routing numbers whenever they want to process Fedwire fund transfer.

Meanwhile, most of the banks in the United States have one routing number but due to the fact that Chase bank is too big, it has 24 different routing numbers across the United States.

What Is Chase Routing Number In Michigan?


Due to the widespread use of the Chase bank in the United States, Chase company has 24 different routing numbers across the United States because of that, each state has its routing number.

The Chase Routing Number In Michigan is  072000326. This Chase nine digit code is very important most especially if you want to carry out any financial transactions with Chase company.

Why Do I Need Chase Routing Number In Michigan?


The importance of Chase Routing Number In Michigan cannot be overemphasized because it is needed for any form of financial transactions involving Chase bank. Below Are The Reasons Why You Need Chase Routing Number;

  • It allows you to have bigger Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network
  • You need it if you want  lower funds for certificate of deposit
  • Chase routing number is vital if you want an undemanding overdraft policy
  • It is needed during wire transfer
  • You will be asked of routing number if you want a business loan
  • Chase bank will also ask you for a routing number if you want investment advice etc.

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number


As I have stated earlier, the routing number is unique and consists of a nine digit number. Each digit in the routing number symbolizes an important financial acronym, hence, it is important for you to know what each digit stands for to give you a better understanding of the Chase Routing Number. Below Are What Your Chase Routing Number represent:

  • The first 4-digits of the routing number represent Federal Reserve Bank identification.
  • The following four digits in the sequence stands for bank identification.
  • While the last single digit in your routing number is the check digit, which is usually derived from an algorithm, hence, it determines the authenticity of the other 8-digit code.

How Do I Find My Bank’s Routing Number?


In this section of the article, I am going to enumerate the easiest ways through which you can find your Chase Routing Number irrespective of the state that you opened your Chase bank account. Below Are The Ways To Find Your Chase Routing Number:

  • The easiest way to find your Chase routing number is to look at the bottom left corner of your check
  • You can still find it on your monthly account statement
  • Via Chase mobile app
  • By Contacting Chase customer service on 1-800-935-9935
  • Through the official website of Chase company
  • You can also find your Chase routing number on the U. S Federal Reserve Banks’ e-payment routing directory.

Does Chase Have 2 Routing Numbers?


Yes, Chase has more than two routing numbers. As I have noted earlier that due to the widespread use of Chase in the United States, that Chase company has 24 different routing numbers across the United States.

Your Chase Routing Number is location dependent, hence, the particular location that you opened your Chase account determines your routing number.

How Many Digits Does A Michigan Chase Routing Number Have?


Normally, Chase Routing Number is usually nine-digit and the Michigan Chase routing number is not an exemption. Hence, Chase Routing Number In Michigan is 9-digit in number. The Michigan Chase routing number is 072000326.

Is Chase Michigan Routing Number The Same For Everyone?


Yes, Chase Michigan Routing Number is the same for all the customers that opened their Chase account in Michigan. This means that if you open a Chase account in Michigan, that you will have the same routing number with all the customers that have a Chase account in Michigan.

Is The Chase Routing Number The Same In All Michigan Branches?


Yes, all the Chase banks in Michigan have the same routing number. This simply means that there is only one Chase Routing Number in Michigan.

Is Chase The Same As A US Bank?


No, Chase is not the same as the United States bank. Though the United States bank and Chase bank are the two biggest financial institutions in the United States, they are different banks entirely even though they offer similar financial services.

Why Do Banks Change Routing Numbers?


Due to some factors, most financial institutions across the United States change their routing number to suit the changing business needs to enable them to serve their customers better. There are primarily two major reasons why the bank changes its routing number. The reasons are: 

  • Bank changes its routing number If it merge with another bank
  • Financial institutions also change their routing number if it acquires another bank etc.

But the good news is that any financial institution like Chase always informs their esteemed customers if they change their routing number, hence, giving them the opportunity to be aligned to the changes. This implies that there is no need to panic if a bank changes its routing number.

Does Your Routing Number Change When You Get  A New Debit Card?


No, your routing number doesn’t change whenever you change your debit card. 

Just like a normal banking sector, once you change your debit card, activate it and your routing number will remain the same.