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Do you need information about Chase Routing Number Illinois?Worry no more In this article I will be giving you details about Chase Routing Number of Illinois. Here in this article, I will be providing a quality information of everything that you need to know about the Illinois Chase Routing Number.

Note that if you want to perform some transactions using your Chase Bank, bare it in mind that you will need your chase routing number to complete almost every bit of chase bank transactions.

But these Chase Routing Numbers are not the same, they differ from region to region. That’s why all regions have their own different Chase routing number.

So due to this, California Chase Routing Number is very much different from Illinois Chase Routing Number, Ohio Chase Routing Number can never be the same with Colorado Chase Routing Number.

And knowing these Chase unique routing numbers is practically very useful when making a transaction on Chase Bank.

However, to some of our readers seeking to know what the Chase Routing Number Illinois is, we got you covered as we are going to include it in this very article. Stay tuned. Another interesting thing is that we won’t be talking about that alone, we will also be talking about some other details about the Illinois Chase Routing Number.

This details includes Advantages of knowing the Illinois Chase Routing Number and How to get your Illinois Chase Routing Number. So, without wasting of time, let us proceed;

Benefits knowing Illinois Chase Routing Number


Tons of benefits awaits you if you know your Illinois Chase Routing Number, there are a lot of benefits attached to having it. The benefits includes-

  • It can be used in setting up direct deposit with your employer
  • It can also be used when using the mobile apps in Receiving and sending of electronic funds
  • It’s also used in paying bills online.

The above listed advantages are not the only benefit of having your Chase Illinois Routing Number, there are more benefits. So try as much as possible to know your Chase Routing Number.

What Is Chase Illinois Routing Number?


Now finally the moment some of our readers have been waiting for. The Illinois Chase Routing Number is 071000013.

And as mentioned in the above content, knowing that Chase Routing Number is very beneficial for you when performing transactions. But do you know you can check your region chase routing number yourself? Yes you can.

Don’t worry we will give you the guidelines to follow to get your chase routing number yourself. In this article “we won’t be giving you fish alone, we will Also teach you how to fish”.Other Regions and their routing numbers include

  1. Oregon Chase Routing Number:325070760
  2. FloridaCase Routing Number:267084131
  3. Connecticut Case Routing Number:021100361
  4. Colorado Chase Routing Number:102001017
  5. Ohio Chase Chase Routing Number: 044000037

And many other more.

How Can I Get Chase Illinois Routing Number?


As included in the above content, it was written that we will give you the guidelines for getting your chase routing number.We may have made mention of some region Chase Routing Number above, we will still teach you how to get it yourself.

To get your Region Routing Number, follow the steps below. You can check it online and also check it using the mobile app. Check it through the Chase Official website by following the steps below –

 Firstly Login to, after login, proceed to selecting the last four digits of the account number that displays above your account information, after you have proceeded with that select see full account details. By now you would have seen all your Chase account details, look carefully and you will see your Chase Routing Number. To check it on your Chase bank Mobile app follow these steps

  • Signing into your Chase mobile app
  • Proceed to selecting your account tile
  • Tap on show details

The above listed step is one of the easiest steps to check your Chase Routing Number. To download your chase mobile app, go to Google play store to download the app into your Android device or from the Apple App store for iOS devices. However, there is another easy way to get your Chase Routing Number using Google browser.

If you don’t want to follow the online step then follow the mobile banking steps, and if you don’t want to follow any of the two you can easily get your chase routing number by just typing it directly on Google browser, but don’t forget to include your region. Easy right?

How Many Digits Are In Chase Routing Number


I know some of our reader need an answer to the above question, worry no more. The simple answer to this simple question is 9 digit’s.

And it’s not only the Illinois Chase Routing Number is 9 digits, but all Chase region Routing Number is 9 digits.

Difference Between ACH And ABA Routing Number?


The 1910 introduced ABA routing number with the full meaning American Bankers Association, is used to identify banks and financial institutions. While ACH routing numbers are used for electronic transactions.

Does Illinois Have Two Chase Routing Numbers?


I know some of our readers are baffled that since there are more than two branches in Illinois, then Illinois may have two Routing Numbers. Don’t worry, the answer to that question is here in this very article.


As promised, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Chase Routing Number.

Is Chase routing number 021000021?


The answer is yes, 021000021 is also a chase 9 digit’s routing number of JPMORGAN CHASE, TAMPA, FL. United States.

Are all routing numbers for Chase the same?


The answer to this question is no, chase bank is so big that it has over 24 routing numbers across the United States.

What is the routing number for Chase Bank wire transfers?


Do you know that Chase regional Routing Number is different from Chase routing number for Bank wire transfers? If you don’t I guess now you have. The Chase bank routing number for wire transfer is 022300173.

Can I Use Two Chase Routing Numbers In Illinois?


No, that’s impossible. because Chase gives all regions in the US one unique pin each. They are very unique from each other and as such, there is no way to have up to two or more than two in any place.

Is It Necessary For Me To Use The Chase Routing Number For Transactions?


Yes, you will actually need a Chase routing number for your transaction either online or through your Chase Mobile App.

Although not all Chase transactions require the routing number. You don’t need your Chase Routing Number before you can receive funds.

Which Routing Number Do I Use For International Transfer?


Before you can do International transfer You will need to use your wire transfer routing number and account number.

For incoming international wires, you also need your SWIFT Code. Bank of America’s SWIFT code BOFAUS3N should be used for incoming wires in U.S. dollars. 

Difference Between Chase Domestic Wire Routing Number And International Wire Routing Number?


Chase has the same 9 digit code for Both Domestic and International wire transfer. But Domestic Wire Transfer is different from international wire transfer. Domestic Wire Transfer is within the state. While international is used for foreign countries.



Finally, we have come to the end of this article. This article contains details about Illinois Chase Routing Number, How to get your Illinois Chase Routing Number and the Advantages of knowing the Illinois Chase Routing Number.

We also gave answers to some frequently asked questions. By now we hope you don’t have any disturbing confusions about the Illinois Chase Routing Number. But always remember that Chase routing numbers are not the same. Thank you.