Cash App Scams: 7 Types Of Cash App Scams & Preventions

Do you want to safeguard your funds avoid Cash App Scams? I know your answer to that is yes. Read this article thoroughly as we learn about Cash App Scams. 

Here in this article, we will show you what you need to know about Cash App scams like the various types, the causes, how to avoid Cash App Scams, and all answer some frequently asked questions in this regard. Don’t go away and we roll it. 

As the world delves more deeply into the Cashless economic system, online financial transactions are gradually taking over physical banking. Millions of people now rely on using mobile financial applications for sending and receiving money. One of such is the Cash App. 

Cash App was developed primarily to transfer money between peers. However, it grew over time and included other features like the making of Direct Deposits, bitcoin trading and withdrawal, and the use of the Cash App Card for Cashing out. 

As the app gets more popular, users come across some activities that look fraudulent hence the inquiry if these are Cash App Scams. Keep reading to know what cash App scams are, the types, how to report them, and how to avoid Cash App scams. You don’t need to be told that this article is loaded. 

What Are Cash App Scams? 


It’s no more news that a scam is any deceptive act, term, scheme, or trick that is done to cheat someone. So, when Cash App Scam is mentioned, it involves any tricky fraudulent activities that are being carried out on Cash App to defraud people. 

It’s a disheartening situation as the fraudsters keep coming up with various schemes to scam Cash App users. 

Suffice to state here that the Scam is not organized by the company rather it is an individual activity and the scammers are most times users as well. Bearing that in mind, it is important that you abreast yourself with the types of Cash App scams. 

How Does Cash App Scams Work?


Cash App scams are carried out in different ways hence it is difficult to explain how it works without the types. However, it works majorly by stealing the data or information of a user and either use to hack the account of that user or demand money from the user and thereafter block them. To understand this better, let’s see the types of Cash App Scams. 

Types Of Cash App Scams


There are several types of Cash App scams that exist. And more are being activated daily therefore the types are exhaustive. However, we would quickly discuss 7 types of Cash App scams as we proceed. 

The Flip Money Scam


This is one of the commonest Cash App Scams. It is a get-rich-quick scheme where the scammers ask you to send any amount of money to get double or more of the amount in a few minutes.

For instance, you are asked to send $20 to get $200 in 5 minutes. On sending the money, the scammer receives it and blocks you immediately. 

Cash App Friday Scam


The Cash App Friday Scam is so-called because scammers advertise several raffles on social media on Friday. 

Here, the scammers ask you to send an amount of money which is usually not so much via Cash App to get a larger amount of money. In most cases, no one ever gets the promised money in return. 

The Puppy Or Pet Deposit Scam


The pet deposit scam is a type of scam whereby highly wanted breeds of pets such as dogs and cats are put on sale at ridiculously low prices. The scammers then ask you to send the money through Cash App. 

The scammer receives the money and never delivers any pet. 

Cash App Clearance Fee Scam


This type of Cash App Scam is similar to the Cash Flipping scam. However, with this scam, you will be told that you have received a high amount of money from companies like Walmart.

And that the money cannot be sent to you without a clearance fee. If you send them the clearance fee, you will not receive the money. 

Apartment Or Home Rental Scam


Here scammers advertise fake apartments. Some with pictures and others without and at a very cheap rate. You are then asked to make some deposits to hold down the apartment.

The scammer asks you to make the payment through Cash App before you are allowed to inspect the building. This also is a lie. 

Online Sales Scam


This type of Cash App Scam is where scammers put some items for sale online. They however insist that payment for the goods should be done before delivery.

And rather than using apps like PayPal that have buyers’ protection, you are asked to pay through Cash App. 

Fake Cash App Support Representatives


This is the last type of Cash App Scam that I will be discussing. Here, scammers contact cash App users feigning to be customer service agents.

They would ask for your log-in details and PIN or even your Cash App card PIN. Once gotten, your account would be hacked. 

Also, since the scammers are aware that Cash App contacts customers through email, they do the same and give links to fake Cash App websites all aimed at stealing your details. 

There are some of the major types of Cash App Scams. Others include watch videos and download scams, phony COVID-19, cash app sugar daddy, and more. 

How To Avoid Cash App Scam


It is often said that prevention is better than cure, hence it is better to avoid scams than waiting to fall victim. The following are ways to avoid Cash App Scams. 

  • Avoid any Cash Flipping Scheme. 
  • Buy goods from only verified sellers
  • Avoid transacting with people of questionable identity. 
  • Do not disclose your personal identity information online. 
  • Get acquainted with all Cash App fees on their website. 
  • Block any suspicious user 
  • Set up security features.
  • Learn to contact Cash App support on your App or official website. 

Does Cash App Have A Phone number? 


Yes, you can contact the customer service team of Cash App via this phone number 1-855-351-2274. 

What To Do If Scammed On Cash App


If you have been scammed on Cash App, the first step to take is to report the case to Cash App support. Then if it’s linked with your bank, also contact your bank to block either the debit or credit card attached to such an account. Here is how to report scams on the Cash app. 

  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of your Cash App home screen
  • Tap Support.
  • Choose “Report a Payment Issue”.
  • Select the payment and follow the prompts.

Would I Get My Money Back If Scammed On Cash App?


You are most likely not getting your money back or scammed on Cash App. The app unlike PayPal has no buyer protection. And its transfers are instant hence it is almost impossible to retrieve any payment.

Is Cash App Safe?


Yes, Cash App is safe to make and receive payment however take the precautions stated above to avoid Cash App Scams. 

Can You Get Scammed By Giving Someone Your Cash App Name?


Cash App has warned that you do not give your persona to strangers. If they have access to them, you can get scammed. 



Cash App Scams are daily on the increase. How it works, the types, as well as prevention, are discussed above. The article also examined how to report scams and gave answers to other questions.