Cash App Card PIN: How To Change PIN On Cash App Card

Do not worry anymore! This article will take you to what a Cash App Card PIN is, how to set up a Cash App card PIN and how to change pin on cash app card. A complete guide and I will take you by hand to successfully do yours. 

We would also delve a bit into looking at the possible reasons for wanting to change your Cash App card PIN and so much more. Do well to read every line of this article because it’s going to be highly informative. 

It is commonly said that the world is a global village. That statement seems to be more of a reality with current happening in all areas of life with finance inclusive. People now prefer to use their mobile phone through apps to carry out all banking activities to going 0to queue up in the banking halls. 

And one of such apps that have gained prominence in the last decade is the Cash App. This mobile application developed by square incorporated is used for peer to peer money transfers. It is also used for investments as well as for Direct Deposits. 

 Recently, it expanded its functions to include the buying and withdrawal of bitcoin. Any transaction made on the App is recorded and stored in the Cash App history which can be deleted in several ways if you wish. 

The Cash App card requires you to set up a PIN before use. Hence this article wants to Cash App Card PIN and how to change the PIN on Cash App Card. 

What Is A Cash App Card?


Cash App gives room for its users to request a card that is used in the same way as your regular debit card for withdrawing money from the ATM and also for making purchases in stores.

This card is often referred to as Cash App Card or more commonly a Cash Card. You must be a Cash App user to get the Cash card. That card required you to set up a Personal Identification Number(PIN). And this is what is called the Cash App Card PIN. 

How Can I Get A Cash App Card? 


Before we move to the Cash App Card PIN, it’s important to know how to request a Cash card. Follow these simple steps to get it.

  • Tap the Cash Card tab on the home screen  your Cash App
  • Press Get Cash Card.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Follow the prompt. 

It’s that simple. After getting the card, the next thing to do before use is to step up the Cash App Card PIN. 

What Is A Cash App Card PIN?


The PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number. And this is a requirement for the use of Cash App Cards. The PIN is a 4 to 6 Digits number code that is unique to individual cardholders and is required when making transactions. 

How To Set Up A Cash App Card PIN


The Cash App card PIN is set up in the process of activating the card after it has been delivered to you. Here is how to set up your Cash App Card PIN. 

  • On the home screen of your Cash App, tap on the profile icon. 
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • Click on the Security Lock
  • Enter your PIN or Touch ID

It’s as simple as that but make sure it’s a number that you can remember easily. Note that this number can be changed when it’s necessary. 

Why Would I Change My Cash App Card PIN? 


Below are some of the reasons cash app users change their PIN from time to time;

Security Reasons:


There are so many kinds of Cash App Scams on the internet today. If for any reason you think the security of your account is under threat, it is necessary to change your Cash App card PIN. 

Lost Your Card


when you lost your Cash card, the first and most important step to take is to go ahead and change the PIN. This is to deter anyone else from having access to your funds. 

Forgot PIN:


changing your PIN is also very pertinent when you can no longer remember it. Changing your Cash App card PIN requires a process. Read below to see more. 

How To Change PIN On Cash App Cards


The following are the steps to take to change the PIN of your Cash App Card. 

  • Open the Cash App on your mobile phone.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, click on the profile icon. 
  • On the next slide, click on “Privacy & Security”
  • Tap “Change Cash PIN”.
  • Enter your new PIN and confirm the changes.
  • You would get an email or SMS notification that your PIN has been changed. 

Note that this PIN will be requested whenever you want to make any transaction with your Cash Card. 

How To Change Your Cash App Card PIN At The ATM


Cash App recommends that you carry out any security changes using the app hence the steps above. Nonetheless, if you insist on changing your Cash App Card PIN at the ATM, you can do it as you would change your regular debit card PIN at the ATM. 

How To Change My Cash App Card PIN Without SSN


As important as your Cash App card PIN is to you, Cash App would not demand your SSN when changing your PIN. Therefore you can go ahead and change your Cash App card PIN without bothering about having or using an SSN. 

Why Is The Cash App Card PIN Important?


The Cash App Card PIN which is also your Cash App PIN has the utmost importance of security. It helps to restrict others from getting access to your funds and account even if they get hold of your card or mobile phone.

This is so because they will be required to enter the PIN before making any transaction. And failure to do that hinders them from using the card or App. 

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Cash App Card PIN?


Lastly, before we conclude the topic of Cash App Card PIN, I would like to answer the question by saying that Cash App does not charge any fee or money to reset your Cash App Card PIN. It’s done free of charge on your app. 



The Cash App Card PIN is very important for the security of your funds. How to get the card, how to set a PIN, and how to change cash app card pin when necessary have all been discussed in the article. I hope with this guide you have been and will be able to make your Cash App changes successfully.