Cash App Canada- How To Use Cash App In Canada

Do you intend to use Cash App in Canada? Have you been told that you cannot use it and you are wondering if there is a way out? Go through this article to learn about Cash App Canada, and how to use Cash App in Canada as well as alternatives to Cash App Canada


Cash App has become a very important and seemingly indispensable online money transfer application. Like its counterpart Venmo and Paypal, the ease of using cash for sending money and receiving money is undeniably easy. It is also used for investment in stocks and bitcoin. You can buy, trade, and withdraw your bitcoin with Cash App. Also, with the Cash App, making a direct deposit with routing and account number is just a walkover. 

As a result of these uses, the population of Cash App users has increased drastically to over 7 million users. Meanwhile, Cash App in its years of existence is available for use in the US And UK.


However, others especially Canadians are interested in using Cash App hence questions like “does Cash App work in Canada?” Let’s find out answers to that and more in this article as we discuss Cash App Canada. 

Is CashApp Available In Canada?


To discuss Cash App Canada, we will first answer the popular question of “Is Cash App in Canada?” does cash app work in Canada?” Cash App does not support Canadian users currently. That is, Cash App is not yet available in Canada. It is available for only UK and US users alone. 

Nevertheless, there are unofficial ways to use Cash App in Canada. These ways will be discussed as we go on but let’s see some of the reasons why Cash App is not in Canada. 

Why Is Cash App Not In Canada?


Since you know that Cash App Canada is not supported, let’s see some reasons why it is so. 

High Competition


Other mobile payment applications in Canada are popular with large numbers of users. It also has the Interac e-transfer system that is very effective for instant and free money transfers. E-transfers are a great way to send money to personal and business accounts across Canada.

If Cash App which is more popular in the US and UK extends to Canada, it would have to face high competition with the others. 

Limited Features


Cash App had the US as its major target while it was being developed. It was after some time that it extended to the UK and even at that, the features of Cash App in the UK are limited unlike in the US. So if it extends to Canada at the moment, it might have a lot of restrictions as well. 

A Work In Progress


Lastly, we can say that Cash app hasn’t developed to its fullest capacity. Upgrades are made timely and that could be one of the reasons that it is not in Canada at the moment. However, lots of people are optimistic that Cash App Canada will be supported Soon. 

How Soon Will Cash App Canada Work?


It’s difficult to give a specific date that Cash App Canada will be supported because of some of the constraints stated above and also the company hasn’t given any official statement in that regard. 

Nonetheless, the company grows every day and so everyone is hopeful that it extends its tentacles to Canada soon just like it did on April 3rd, 2018 when it arrived in the UK. 

How To Use Cash App In Canada


Recall that we said Cash App Canada is not supported yet. But there are ways that people in Canada can use Cash App. Note however that these ways are unofficial

Basically, it requires you to download both Cash App and TransferWise otherwise known as WISE. and thereafter link both accounts. Let’s take it step by step below to help you understand it better. 

Step 1: Download TransferWise And Cash App


This is the first thing to do. TransferWise can be downloaded from your play store Or Appstore since it is supported in Canada but for Cash App, it requires some process.

You would not be able to download Cash App directly due to restrictions as Cash App Canada isn’t supported. So you can only download Cash App from app stores like Uptodown, Malavida, and Aptoide. After this, proceed to the next step. 

NOTE – get a Canadian credit or debit card and enable VPN. 

Step 2: Sign Up On Cash App


Sign up on cash App using your email address. However, you can also use your UK and US phone numbers if you have one. But make sure you can receive notifications in that line.  

A verification code will be sent to either the email or phone number. Copy it and verify with it on Cash app. You will be required to enter your debit card information. Skip it and create a $Cashtag. 

Step 3: Sign Up On TransferWise.


This can be done using the mobile app or on their website. Follow the prompt to sign up by providing all required information set your account to personal or business.

After that, set the currency to any one of your choices by navigating to balance on the dashboard, clicking on open a balance, and selecting a preferred currency. 

Step 4: Funding Your Account


This is the fourth step in how to use Cash App Canada. In this step, you will scroll to balances with local bank details still on TransferWise.

Select the currency of your choice either USD Or GBP. Open balance and go back to the balance page. Choose the currency you want to fund and tap either Add USD or Add GBP. Thereafter, you fill in the form, decide an amount, and tap on Next. 

Step 5: Choose A Payment Option


Select a debit card on the payment option on Transferwise and enter its information. 

Step 6: Link Cash App With TransferWise


This is the last step in how to use Cash App Canada. Now re-enable VPN and open the Cash App. Then select Add Bank on the Balance Tab.

You will be asked to enter your debit card number, click on No card and enter your bank details. Here your bank details should be the details of TransferWise. 

With this done, you would be able to use your Cash App in Canada. 

Alternatives To Cash App Canada


If you think that the process of using Cash App in Canada is too long, you can opt for other alternatives as listed below. 

  • KOHO
  • EQ Bank

Would Cash App Users In Canada Be Able To Transact With US Users?

Still, on Cash App Canada, I would like to say it is difficult to determine that since it hasn’t supported it.  

However, the chances are thin because even with the fact that Cash App supports UK users currently, transactions between UK and US have not been allowed. The only way out is to use the steps above or go with any of the alternatives.  



This article has provided lots of information on Cash App Canada, explaining how you can use Cash App in Canada even though it is not supported currently.