Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours 2022 ( Opening & Closing Time )

If you are hoping to visit Candlewood Suites for your breakfast, then you may really need to know about the candlewood suites breakfast hours. This will help you avoid the mistake of going at the wrong, when they are no more serving breakfast.

Almost every American restaurant out there has specific time they serve their specific meals, and as such, Candlewood Suites may not be an exception. However, despite having specific time for serving specific meals, some of these restaurants still make some or all their type of meals available all through the day.

Before we talk about Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours, let’s first of all understand what is Candlewood Suites.

Candlewood Suites is a popular American Hotel Suite which was founded by Jack Deboer, in the year 1995. The Hotel is primarily as guest house which targets mainly Business travelers. It is known to be a place where Business travelers lodge to have a rest before continuing their journey.

As travelers may not lodge with empty stomach, Candlewood Suites also offers different kinds of meals including Breakfast, Launch, and dinner.

Aside this, there are still many other interesting services offered by Candlewood Suites, which probably is one of the reasons for it’s rapid growth; having over 340 branches across different locations in the world.

Does Candlewood Serve Breakfast?


Yes, Candlewood offers breakfast. If you would love to sleep over at Candlewood Suites, and wondering if you can get some chunk of breakfast meals when the day breaks; you really don’t have to worry as Candlewood Suites got you covered. 

It may be nice to note that Candlewood Suites doesn’t offer free continental breakfast meals. However, they always have a “brown bag” breakfast available for purchase; this consisting of fruit, a granola bar, and a beverage.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast menu has a variety of delicious and mouthwatering items which you definitely love to have a taste. But what time do they serve these breakfast menu items? What are the Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours? That’s the major focus of our writing!

What Time Do Most Hotels Start Serving Breakfast?


Most Hotels and Restaurants in the United States, start serving breakfast from 6:00am to 10:00am. However, despite having a specific time frame for breakfast meals, some of these hotels may still serve their breakfast all through the day. This may not too different from Candlewood Suites.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours


Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours are from 12:00am to 11:59pm, from Monday through Sunday.

This literally means that Candlewood Suites offers breakfast meals 24/7; that’s all through the day. Inasmuch as there may be specific time that people take their breakfast, Candlewood Suites will still serve you their breakfast meals at anytime of the day that you make the request.

Candlewood currently has about 342 locations worldwide. In this, Candlewood Suites breakfast hours may not be the same across all the locations; there may be little variation from one location to another. This is why it may be very important to check the Candlewood Suites close to you, be sure of their breakfast hours.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours Saturday


Candlewood Suites breakfast hours on Saturday are the same with other days. Candlewood Suites is known to serve breakfast all through the day; that’s 24/7.

Candlewood Suites Breakfast Hours Sunday


Candlewood Suites breakfast hours on Sunday are the same with other days. In most of the Candlewood Suites locations, breakfast meals are always available all through the day.

Candlewood Suites Check-in Time


Having known the Candlewood Suites breakfast hours, let’s now look at the right time to check-in at Candlewood Suites.

Candlewood Suites Check-in is from 3:00pm to anytime of the day. This means that if you want to check in at Candlewood Suites hotel, you should try to go from 3:00pm to anytime. Their check-in time starts once it’s 3:00 pm, and runs until the day of off.

Candlewood Suites Check-Out Time


Candlewood Suites Check-out time starts from 12:00 pm and runs till the end of the end. Once it’s 12:00pm at any day, you are free to check-out of Candlewood Suites.

Does Candlewood Suites Have A Pool?


Yes, Candlewood Suites has a pool. Their pool is known to be indoor pool, where you can have fun anytime you lodge in the hotel.

Candlewood Suites Beds

Candlewood Suites beds are one of the best you can ever find in any other hotel in the United States. Most of the Candlewood Suites beds are made by Downlite, and are specially created with guests and hotel employees in mind.

Is Candlewood Part Of Marriott?


No, Candlewood Suites is not part of Marriot. Candlewood Suites is part of Intercontinental Hotel Group, which also controls other similar hotels like: Atwell Suites, Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, etc.

What Is The Honor System At Candlewood Suites?


The honor system at candlewood suites is a program which is based on trusting their guest. In this program, guest are allowed to make purchases on their own, without the watch of any restaurant staff. There is always the Candlewood Cupboard close the the guests, containing varieties of items for sale.

So, in the Honor System, guests can pick up any item they want to buy, from the Candlewood Cupboard, fill out a piece of paper detailing what they took, put it in a box and it will be added to their bill.