Can You See Who Looks At Your Venmo? { Quick Answer } 

Can you see who looks at your Venmo transactions? This is a popular question asked by Venmo users on the internet. Are you one of those who want to find an answer to this question, then read this article to the end.


There is so much you will learn from here. You will not only know if it is possible to see who looks at your Venmo transactions, but you will also see the steps to take in ensuring that your transactions on Venmo are kept private. So let us begin. 

The popular payment application Venmo functions like a social media site. This is such that there are offers that allow users to make their profiles public or private. Thereby allowing or restricting people from viewing every one of their transactions. 


This is necessary because the settings of the app naturally leave the profile of users public hence anyone can see your transactions and activities on the app. Let’s not forget that Venmo is an app that offers an easy and convenient way to transfer money between users and bank accounts. 

Therefore, many users are asking “can you see who looks at your Venmo transactions”, find the answer to this and more ways to ensure your privacy on Venmo as you hang around and read this article to the end. 

What Is Venmo And Why Do People Love It?


Before we give a definite answer to ” can you see who looks at your Venmo transactions”, let’s take a quick overview of what Venmo is and who it is loved by many people thereby having millions of users. 

From the introduction, you must have inferred that Venmo is a mobile payment application like Cash App, PayPal, etc. However, the difference between Venmo and those mentioned above is the fact that the latter combines some social features with financial transactions thereby looking like a social media platform where you can send and receive payments between friends and family. 

It is these social features of the app that has given it more popularity. With Venmo, some features make it function just as typical social media platforms. It has friends, and private as well as public feeds. In that, you can make friends with other users, like and comment on their transactions, make jokes, emojis, etc. 

Also, Venmo is loved for its ease and the convenience it gives for sending and receiving money. With Venmo, you cannot only send money to users but also bank accounts. The app is indeed awesome. Now, join me to know if it is possible to see who looks at your Venmo transactions. 

Can Others See My Venmo Transactions?


Yes, other Venmo users can see your Venmo transaction when they visit your profile. They can even like and comment on the transaction if they wish.

This is so because as a Venmo user the setting of your transactions is automatically public except if you decide to carry out some manual changes. 

Can You See Who Looks At Your Venmo Profile?


Now, this is what you have been waiting to see and the simple answer to “can you see who looks at your Venmo transaction” is NO. Searching through the Venmo website and their social media handles as well as individual comments, there is no evidence to show that anyone can view or see who looks at their Venmo transactions irrespective of the operating system. being used. 

So it is not possible to know who looks at your Venmo transactions. This you know is not peculiar to just Venmo. Other social media platforms do not have any feature that allows you to see who views your profile except with the intervention of third-party software which I have not seen. You would only know that someone has viewed a particular transaction of yours on Venmo if they liked or commented on it. 

However, since users are more concerned about keeping their transactions away from the views of everyone, let’s see how to stop people from viewing your Venmo transactions below. 

How To Stop Viewers From Seeing Your Venmo Transaction


Since we have seen that the answer to the question of “can you see who looks at your Venmo transaction” is no, if you do not want people to follow your transactions on Venmo there is a way out. 

The best way to stop people from seeing your Venmo transactions is to change your Privacy Settings from Public to Private. By this, individual transactions, past, future, and all your transactions would be kept away from the views of others. 

How To Change Your Venmo Privacy Settings


To change the privacy settings of your Venmo from Public to Private, all your future transactions cannot be viewed by anyone. Take the steps below to do this. 

  • Log in to your Venmo account either on the mobile app or website at, using your email address and password. 
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon at the top left corner of the home page. This will take you to the menu. 
  • Scroll down on the menu and select Settings
  • On the next tab, click on Privacy Settings. 
  • Change the default privacy setting from public to private
  • Confirm the process by clicking on Save Settings. 

If you further want to hide previous transactions, click on the particular transaction and toggle its privacy settings to Private. 

What Venmo Transaction Information Is Shared With The Public?


If you have not changed your privacy information to private, that is, if the settings are still on public or friends only, the following transaction information will appear on the public feed. 

  • The name of the sender
  • The name of the recipient
  • Payment note 
  • Payment timestamp. 

The amount is made known to only you and the recipient while the payment method (bank, debit card, credit card, etc) can only be seen by the sender.  

Can Someone See My Venmo History?


Just like the transactions discussed in the post above, your transaction history can be seen by Venmo users unless you change the settings to private. 



In all, you have seen that the answer to “can you see who looks at your Venmo transaction” is no. However, you can keep your transactions from the views of others. And the best way to do that has been explained in the app. It is very easy to do. So I know you will have no problem with privacy on Venmo after now.