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Any food that contain all the classes of food in the right proportions has been the craving of millions of people across the globe since malnutrition is one of the global challenge, because of this, Bill Miller Breakfast Menu has taken this into account and because of that, their menu contain meals that can satisfy any dietary need.

If you’re planning of visiting Bill Miller Restaurant for your breakfast, but you don’t know the exact meal they serve and their prices. Don’t worry as I have penned down all you need to know about Bill Miller Breakfast Menu.

It is very important that you know the list of meal they serve with their prices, so as to enable you make your choice. However, before doing that’ I would like you to check out Bill Millers breakfast hours. To avoid missing out or bring disappointed when you get there.

Bill Miller Breakfast Menu With Prices


Menu in Bill Miller Restaurant are categorized into the following groups which are:



Some sandwiches that are served by Bill Millers are:

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich-$3.70
  • Barbecue Chicken Sandwich-$4.75
  • Chopped Barbecue Sandwich – $9.95
  • Scrambled eggs, Sausage, hash browns, beans and two tortillas-$6.25

Breakfast Tacos


  • Egg and cheese Taco – $1.59
  • Bacon and Egg Taco – $1.89
  • Bean and Cheese Taco – $1.59
  • potato and Egg Taco – $1.79
  • Bacon, Egg and Cheese Taco – $2.29
  • Sausage Taco – $1.89
  • Sausage and Potato Taco – $2.49
  • Bean and Bacon Taco – $1.59
  • Bean and Sausage Taco – $2.49
  • Bacon and Potato Taco – $1.59
  • Brisket Taco – $2.44
  • Brisket and Bean Taco – $3.34
  • Brisket and Egg Taco – $3.34
  • Ham Taco – $2.44
  • Ham and Egg Taco – $3.34

Breakfast Drinks


Below are the breakfast drinks that you can found in Bill Millers:

  • Orange Juice – $1.79
  •  Coffee – $1.99
  • Milk – $0.99



  • Three pieces of fried chicken, French fries and large tea – $6.93
  • Sausage, ham, turkey with french fries and large tea – $8.40
  • Three pieces of fried chicken tenders, French fries, and large tea – $6.93
  • Two chopped barbecue sandwiches, french fries and a large tea – $6.70
  • Chicken sandwich, French fries, large tea – $5.95.

Barbecue Plates


  • Choice of two meats: Barbecue chicken, ham, beef brisket, sausage, turkey or pork spare ribs and three side orders – $12.05
  • Choice of three: BBQ chicken, ham, beef brisket, sausage, turkey or pork spare ribs and three side orders – $16.80
  • Choice of barbecue chicken, ham, beef brisket, sausage, pork spareribs, or turkey and two side orders – $6.80

Fried Chicken


  • Fried Chicken Leg – $2.65
  • Fried Chicken Thigh – $2.65
  • Fried Chicken Wing – $2.65
  • Fried Chicken Breast – $3.15

Kids Menu


  • Kids one piece chicken leg, small tea, two Brownies and fries – $4.20
  • Kds Two Piece Tenders, Fries, Small Tea, and Two Brownies – $5.20
  • Fries Small Tea, Two Brownies and Kids Chopped Sandwich – $4.95
  • Kids One Piece Chicken Leg, Fries, Small Tea, and Brownie – $4.20
  • Fries, Two Brownies, Small Tea – $4. 95.

From the above Bill Miller Breakfast Menu, it can be inferred that they have high nutritious meals that contain all the necessary ingredients that the body needs for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Not only that their food is delicious, it is very affordable when compared with it’s contemporaries in United States.

Bill Miller’ Low Calories Menu


Bill Miller knowing the health benefits of low calories delicacies has taken into account the list of food with low calories.
Some of low calories food that are in Bill Millers Menu are:

  • Hot Sauce………………0 Calories
  • Diet Pepsi……………….0 Calories
  • Diet Pepsi……………….0 Calories
  • Dill Pickle………………..5 Calories
  • Breakfast Tacos, Hot Sauce…….5 Calories
  •  Breakfast Tacos, Pico De Gallo
  • Sample1 Serving ………………5 Calories
  • Iced Tea Unsweetened………5 Calories
  • Coffee Creamer………………..15 Calories
  • Coffee Regular or Decaf…….5 Calories
  •  SourCream…………………10 Calories
    N/B; it is only one wrap of these meals that contain these calories.

Bill Miller’s Only In Texas?


No, Bill Millers also have branches in Corpus Christi, San Antonio and other places. In most of their branches, they serve fried chicken and specially prepared Barbecue.

Does Bill Miller Have Baked Potatoes?


Yes, Bill Miller have baked potatoes. they have a special baked potato that they sell at just $5.69.

Who Is The CEO Of Bill Miller BBQ?


Jim Guy Egbert is the CEO of Bill Miller BBQ, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Bill Miller Barbecue in 2016 and since then, he has been living up to expectations.

Is Bill Miller’s open for Dine in?


Yes, Bill Miller’s is open for dine in, though they closed for dine in around 2020 because of COVID-19 pandemic but they are now open.

How Many Calories Are In A Bill Miller Taco?


In one gram of taco, there are three hundred (300) calories. They are always conscious in given their customers the quality food that they deserve.



If you need further questions about Bill Miller Breakfast Menu with prices, feel free to ask using the comment box below. Also don’t forget to check out our related articles below, foe more breakfast menus.