Bank Of America Direct Deposit Form & Set Up Guide

This article will teach you about Bank Of America Direct Deposit form, how it works, the steps to take in setting up Direct Deposit, and lots more. It promises to be very enlightening. Sit back and read to the very end.

Direct Deposit is an easy, fast, and convenient banking innovation that involves the electronic payment of funds directly into your bank account” either by the government or an individual employer or organization.

Just like the name implies, the parties using Direct Deposit would not have to go to the bank to catch a cheque like it was previously done. This system of payment has become very popular in the United States in recent years because of its importance.

How Does Bank Of America Direct Deposit work?


To get started with Direct Deposit, you will have to fill a form that can be gotten in three ways. After entering the information required by the bank into the form, a copy would be sent to your employer.

Bank Of America Direct Deposit Form & Set Up Guide

The employer then puts everything in place including the amount that should be paid to every employee and sends it to the bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH). The ACH then ensures that all information is sent correctly to all the banks involved. That is the information will be sent to the employee’s bank which will henceforth credit the employee whenever it is due.

What Information Is Needed For The Bank Of America Direct Deposit Form?


The major information required to be entered into the form are;

  • Your account number 
  • Your routing number
  • Employer’s name
  • Employer’s address
  • Your phone number. 

I guess the next question on your mind right now is how can you get your account and routing numbers. 

How To Find The Information For Your Bank Of America Direct Deposit Form.


You can find your ABA routing number and your account number in the following ways. 

  1. By downloading the Bank Of America Mobile App and logging in. 
  2. Through online banking. You sign up for online banking, on the overview page, select the account. It will take you to a service or information page. Your account number will be displayed. Your ABA routing number is just below the account number. 
  3. By contacting the Bank of America customer service. 
  4. The routing number can also be found by going to Bank Of Click on search and type in “routing number”. The next page will demand your ZIP Code. Input your ZIP Code and the next page will display various routine numbers. Choose your state, click on the ABA routing number and choose yours. 

it’s that simple, isn’t it? Now let’s look at how to set up a Bank Of America Direct Deposit

How To Set Up Bank Of America Direct Deposit.


 To set up Bank Of America’s Direct Deposit, you will have to take one of the following two steps. 

  • Fill a Direct Deposit Form Online by visiting the Bank Of America website.
  • Download the PDF form and fill it. 
  • After filling the form, you print it and take it to your employer so that it can be included in the payroll. 

However, if it is a federal benefit, you will need to do one of the following. 

  • Enroll at the Fiscal Treasury website. 
  • Call the United States treasury.
  • Visit your bank to guide you.

The next paragraphs will take you through getting your Bank Of America Direct Deposit Form online and PDF. 

How can I Get the Bank Of America Direct Deposit PDF Form?


The Direct Deposit form of the Bank Of America contains the information that is needed by an employer to make a direct payment into the employee’s account is available online, at the bank, and also on PDF. To get the PDF form, log on to the Bank Of America website and request the form. Download the PDF copy. Fill up all required information, print out a copy and send it to your employer.

If you are an employer, you can download the PDF and print it. Make photocopies and keep them with you. You can give them to your employees when it is demanded or a new staff is employed. 

How Long Does Bank Of America Direct Deposit Take?


If all the information provided on the form is correct, then receiving payment would not take long. You should expect your payment immediately or latest between 3 to 7 days. What if it takes longer, what could be the problem? The next paragraph has an answer to your question. 

Why Is There A Delay In My Bank Of America Direct Deposit?


Delay in receiving Direct Payment may be as a result of one or all of the following. 

  • The payer: if the person making the payment does not send the information early enough, this might result in a delay. 
  • Incorrect information. If the information provided on your form is not correct, there would be a delay or payment might not go through. 
  • National Holidays or weekends: Bank of America do not process Direct Payments on national holidays and weekends. So your payment would be delayed till the next working day if it is made on those days. 

If you experience a delay later than 7 working days, you can lay your complaint by calling the customer service number. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund On Bank Of America Direct Deposit?


Getting a refund is very possible and it does happen. Bank Of America’s ACH will refund the money to the company within 3 working days of making the payment.

How To Ask For A Refund On Bank Of America Direct Deposits.


If there was an error in the transaction and your payment was unable to deliver, you can ask for a refund and it will be credited to your account. To ask for a refund, call the Customer service number or go directly to the bank to lay your complaint. 



I believe this article has been so much enlightening and worth the time. Here we have looked at Direct Deposit in Bank Of America. How to access and fill the form and where to get the information required by the form.

In the process of using Bank Of America’s Direct Deposit form,  if you encounter any challenges like delayed payment, you don hesitate to ask for a refund by taking the actions discussed in the article.