Bank Of America Cash Deposit Limit & How To Increase It

Opening a new savings or checking account is usually good but before you think of the particular bank to subscribe to, there are some factors to consider before doing that, one of which is the deposit limit of the bank.

Hence, if you want to open a new account with Bank of America or you are an already existing customer, it is important that you know the  Bank Of America Cash Deposit Limit because it will serve as a guide to you when you want to transact your business with them.

Bank of America as the second largest American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company has been rendering excellent financial services to the citizens of America.

But their services are regulated by Bank Secrecy Act  though not absolute but detailed explanation on the Bank Of America Cash Deposit Limit is contained in this write up. Keep scrolling as we go through it together.

Just as it is with other financial institutions, money laundering is highly prohibited in Bank of America, hence there are maximum amount of money that you can deposit in your bank account but once the money exceeds the benchmark, it is required of you to inform the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before making such transactions.

This is because, if you don’t do that’ it may become suspicious and your account may be investigated. For your information, Internal Revenue Service is aware of the amount of money in your account but you may not know not until the need for that arises.

However, as we know that there are different ways through which one can deposit money in the bank, the same thing is applicable to Bank of America but some of the ways doesn’t necessarily peg limit for cash deposit while some has limited cash deposit measure. Nevertheless, we are going to find out what each method needs and how we can go about it shortly.

Bank Of America Cash Deposit Policy


In their relentless efforts to ensure that they give their customers best banking experience, Bank of America developed a policy to guide cash deposits in their sector. The policy is primarily designed to ensure the safety and security of their customer’s accounts and to regulate any perceived fraudulent activities.

Meanwhile, the policy stipulate that Bank of America can no longer accept or process cash deposits into an account that doesn’t belong depositor. What this means is that Bank of America can no longer accept cash deposit from third party, hence, it is expected that the cash depositor must be rightful owner of the account and not vice versa.

However, this policy may look outrageous but it is for the overall benefits of their customers, hence, any time that you want to deposit cash at Bank of America, ensure that you deposit it yourself.

Bank Of America Deposit Limit


What Is The Maximum Cash Deposit Limit For Bank Of America? Ordinarily, Bank of America doesn’t have a specified cash deposit limit but once you deposit $10,000 and above, it becomes suspicious hence it is recommended that you you inform the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) once you deposit such amount in your Bank of America account to avoid being investigated the regulatory body.

Having said that, it would also interest you to know that Internal Revenue Service knows the exact amount of money in your account, so there is no way that you can hide your account status from them.

Hence, to be on the safer side, informing them of your financial transactions once you deposit up to $10,000 and above in your account will save you from being investigated of money laundering. To before warned is to before armed, A stitch in time saves nine.

What Is the Maximum Deposit Limit For Bank Of America ATMs?


As it stands now, there is no limit on the cash deposit that you can make on Bank of America’s Automated Teller Machines, ATM. Meanwhile, there may be a limit to the numbers of transactions like bill payment you can make in a single transaction, depending on the carrying capacity of the ATM.

How Long Does It Take For Deposited Funds To Be Available In Bank Of America


Now that you have known that there is no particular limit to the amount of cash you can deposit in Bank of America once you involves the appropriate authority. Let’s now look at how long it will take for the deposited cash to be available.

The duration it takes for the deposited money to be available for withdrawal is totally dependent on the type of deposit. For instance, once you deposit cash in a Bank of America Automated Teller Machines, ATM, the money are readily available for withdrawal instantly.

But if you deposit a check, all or some part of the check may be available the next working days but in some scenarios, Bank of America may place a hold on the check deposit which in some instances takes between two to seven days. For example, if you deposit a check around 9:00 pm Eastern and Central time, the following working day will count as the first day.

However, you will be able to know whether your check deposit is on holdor not or on Bank of America  because when you deposit check at the Bank of America ATM, your receipt and your ATM screen will indicate if there is a hold on the deposit or not.

How To Increase Your Bank Of America ATM Deposit Limits


Interested in knowing how to increase your ATM deposit limit, all you need to do is to visit any Bank of America outlets nearest to you and speak with the customer care representative or better still, you can contact Bank of America customer support service on 800-432-1000 for directives.


Is There A Cash Deposit Limit At Bank Of America?


Currently, there is no limit to the amount of cash that can be deposited in Bank of America ATM, though there may be a peg to the number of checks you can deposit in a single transaction but this is totally dependent on the capacity of the ATM.

Does Bank Of America Allow Cash Deposits?


Yes, Bank of America allows cash deposit. As a matter of fact, they not only allow cash deposit but they also allow checks deposit, funds transfer between account and finally, Bank of America allows you to make payments to your credit and check your account balance.

How Much Cash Deposit Is Suspicious?


The amount of cash deposit that can be suspicious in Bank of America is “$10,000”. According to the norms, the Bank Secrecy Act stipulates that any individual or business that receives more than $10,000 in either single or multiple transactions should inform the Internal Revenue Service and fortunately Bank of America is regulated by the Act, hence it is expected that all their customers that deposits up to $10,000 and above should report to the appropriate authority to avoid sanctions.



In the real sense, Bank of America don’t have cash deposit  limit but it has statutory obligation to inform their customers about the Bank Secrecy Act which stipulates that bank deposit of $10,000 and above should be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.