Apply For RushCard – How To Apply For A RushCard Get $50 Bonus

For those asking, how do I apply for RushCard online? Search no further, this blog post got you covered” with step by step guide, I will show how you how to apply for RushCard and get it within few hours.

First of all, I will start by answering certain questions people ask on daily basis concerning RushCard. E g, how do I get RushCard to facilitate my funds management? Can I apply for the prepaid card without necessarily paying a certain fee? What are the offers available for me if I apply for a rushcard?

This article, in contrast, describes all you need to be aware of concerning the necessary steps to apply for a rushcard. You need to have an idea about what you are about to apply for, this is very important in order to avoid getting disappointed at the end of the day. 

Nevertheless, we are going to enlighten you on the basics of applying for this prepaid debit card and other ways to get it. 

How Do I Apply For A Rushcard? 


Among the important information you need to be aware of as our reader, is that there are restrictions attached to the certain countries that are allowed to make use of rushcard prepaid cards. So you should be aware of this before attempting to apply for the prepaid card. 

We will definitely discuss this later in the article, but, for now we need to vividly focus on the ways through which one could get and apply for a rushcard. Below are the ways to apply for the prepaid debit card below.

  • Via Rushcard customer service.
  • Mailing the prepaid card
  • Visiting the official website.

Do not be in a hurry to read and leave, or navigate other related articles. You just have to calm down and get different methods shared here’ on how to you can get a RushCard.

  • Via Rushcard customer service

Actually there are different ways for you to apply for a rushcard, and one of them is to reach out to the financial company customer service support by getting in touch with them through their phone lines.

You can call 1-866-RUSHCARD (866-787-4227), on your mobile phone if you wish to apply for a rushcard. Definitely, you will be responded to and will be assisted in getting your prepaid card.

  • Mailing the prepaid card 

The second method is to send them mail via a certain address which will be disclosed below. This method is quite similar to the aforementioned procedure as you will be required to mail a rushcard at P.O. Box 42482, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. 

However, every detail you need to apply will be provided after sending your mail. Quite easy, Isn’t it?.

  • Visiting the official website.

Now, this is the final method in getting a rushcard prepaid card. It is a very common method though, not every customer is bound to contact the customer service support number, send a mail or something.

Sometimes, they prefer visiting the rushcard official website so as to follow the procedures to apply. However, you need to visit for more details.

Apply For RushCard – How To Apply For A RushCard 


In the section of the article, we are going to enlighten you on the general guidelines to apply for a rushcard prepaid debit card online via the platforms official website. 

Contacting the customer service support number or sending them a message won’t be necessary if you carefully follow these guidelines below.

  • Visit Rushcard Prepaid Card Application Link.
  • Read A Short Description And Proceed.
  • Input Correct Name And Email address.
  • Choose Your Card Design.
  • Pick Your Preferred Plan.
  • Enter Personal Your Information.
  • Review the Electronic Disclosure Of Information.
  • Receive Your Rushcard.

Read along to learn the steps to follow and get or apply for a RushCard quickly.

  • Visit Rushcard Prepaid Card Application Link.

The first procedure to get and apply for a rushcard prepaid card is follow the link below as it will direct you to the prepaid visa debit application page.

  • Read A Short Description And Proceed

After clicking on the application link above, you will be directed to a page that displays a brief information about the prepaid card. You will be required to click on “Start Now” in order to continue with your card registration. 

  • Input Correct Name And Email address.

You will be referred to an application form, on this form you need to enter your first name, last name and your email address. While entering your details, make sure your email address is spelled correctly and doesn’t have any spaces. 

Note that when you enter your email address, you have given rushcard the permission to send you messages regarding your prepaid card. 

Now click on “Pick your card” to continue.

  • Choose Your Card Design

At this point of your application, you need to choose the appearance of your card, how you want your rushcard to appear after applying. 

There are five different card designs available and you need to select your choice before proceeding with the application.

The card designs that are available include Gloss rushcard, 24K Rushcard, Sequin Rushcard, Carbon Rushcard and Midnight RushCard. Be aware that the one-time card fee for the different designs varies respectively. Just pick the one that suits your interest.

  • Pick Your Plan

After selecting your preferred card design, the next step is to choose a plan that goes in line with the kind of prepaid card you selected.

  • PLAN 1 – Pay as you go for each purchase.
  • COST: Rush Pay As You Go Plan – $1.00 Per Purchase.
  • PLAN 2 – Flat Monthly Fee With Unlimited Purchases.
  • COST: $7.95 Monthly Fee, Or $5.95 Monthly Fee via direct deposit.

Aside from these, there are also more details on the fees required, monthly usage, mobile check load and many more.

  • Enter Your Information.

Following the selection of your preferred plan, the next step is to provide tire personal details as the platform would like to know more about you. This information includes your address, zip code, phone type, phone number, date of birth, and social security number. 

After you must have provided all of these, now you need to agree to receive offers, promotions and updates by ticking a blank tab. Then continue to the next step.

  • Review the Electronic Disclosure Of Information.

This is the stage where you need to go through a certain information called the “Consent For The Electronic Disclosure Of Information“. After reading this you will be required to agree and submit all the information you provided above. Then you are good to go.

  • Receive Your Rushcard.

After submitting the application, note that you will receive your rushcard prepaid within 7-10 business days. During this period the company will process your information and verify your identity. When this is complete, you will get your personalized card available.

Note that you can change your contact preferences anytime by clicking on the link below.

Can A Non U.S. Citizen Register To Get A Rushcard?


You have to be a citizen of the United States in order to get and apply for a rushcard prepaid debit card. It is not available for other countries outside the U.S. as you won’t be given access to their registration portal if you do not live in the United States.



In order to summarize the article above in brief, we highlighted some different ways to get a rushcard. Through Rushcard customer service, by visiting the official website, mailing rushcard prepaid card.

However, we also gave a thorough description on the procedures to follow to register and apply for the prepaid card on the official rushcard website.