6 Best Credit Cards For 17 year Olds (2022)

Are you one of those searching for suitable credit cards for 17 year olds? Or you probably do not know how to choose a credit card for your 17 years old?


Okay, take a deep breath of relief now as this article is meant to help you with the 6 best credit cards for 17years olds, reasons they should get a credit card, how to get one, and many more. I trust you wouldn’t want to miss this so read with me.

Helping your child learn some healthy tips on financial management before they become an independent adult is one of the roles of a parent. This will help them in the future. Hence, people, most times want to get a credit card at 17 years old to equip them with finance management training before they become 18. 


A credit card is a metal or plastic card issued by financial institutions. It allows holders to borrow money for the payment of goods and services, make transfers and get cash advance with the agreement to pay back in money some other times. 

When using a credit card, it is expected that you make a minimum payment every month at a due date. 

In the United States, the official age to own a credit card is 18years with proof of independent income. However, some 17-year-olds have indicated an interest in owning a debit card hence we are going to discuss credit cards for 17 years old

Can My 17 Years Old Get a Credit Card?


It wouldn’t be out of place to say that the answer to the question is both a Yes and No. This is because you can get a credit card for your 17 years old only indirectly.

To do this, an adult will get the credit and add the 17-year-old as an authorized user. So note that a 17year old cannot get a credit card till they are 18. 

Can You Get A Credit Card At 17 Without Parents?


Like I stated earlier, the official age to get a credit card is 18. However, you can own one with your parent’s consent and signature at 17. However, if you do not want to involve your parents or you do not have, there is also a way out. 

To get a credit card for 17 years old without your parents’ consent, you have to be Emancipated. This means that you are not up to the legal age but you are legally known and with legal evidence of independence and source of income. 

6 Best Credit Cards For 17 year Olds


Here are some credit cards that you can get for 17-year-olds. We will quickly examine their features, offers, and limits. 

Chase Freedom Unlimited 


This is one of the credit cards for 17 years olds. Chase Freedom is an unlimited Visa Credit card of chase Bank. It has no age requirement for authorized users and with Chase Freedom, you cannot set spending limits.

Credit Cards For 17 year Olds

It gives a 5% offer on travel, 3% on dining and drug purchase, and 1.5% on any other purchases. It has no annual fee and a 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). There is, however, a foreign transaction fee. 

Citi Simplicity Card


This is another suitable credit card for a 17-year-old. This is usually issued by Citibank; it does not have an age requirement and there is no fee for adding a teen to it.

It also has a 0% APR on various purchases for 12 months and 0% Intro APR on transfers for 21 months. It has no annual fees, no penalty fees. However, it does not have a sign-up bonus. 

Amex Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card


This is issued from American Express and is usually seen as the best of the best credit card for 17-year-olds because of its mouth-watering offers. With this credit card, you get rewarded for every spending you do. 

You can set the spending limit for the teen at $200 to help monitor your teen’s spending. The fees for any additional card member are separately stated in the monthly statement for easy identification.

There are no fees for adding another user. With Amex Blue, you get 3% cashback at US supermarkets. It also does not have annual fees. Its drawback however is that it has no travel reward. 

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Reward Credit Card


This credit card has no age limit for authorized users hence your 17-year-old can use it. This card has a 1.5% unlimited cash back with no annual fees. 0% Intro fit the first 15 months.

It gives a $200 cash bonus after you spend $500 on any purchase within 3 months. 

Citi Diamond Preferred Card


This is another credit card for 17yesrs old. This card has no annual fee, 0% purchase APR for the first 12 months. 0% intro for the first 21 months for a balance transfer. It has a four months limit to transfer a balance. 

Discover It Cash Back


This credit card offers an unlimited cash back match. It had no minimum or maximum spending.

With Discover, you earn 5% cashback on everyday purchases from places like grocery stores, Amazon, etc. And there are no annual fees. 

Why Should I Get A Credit Card For 17-year-Olds? 


Let’s quickly state some reasons why you should get a credit card for your 17-year-old. 

  1. To introduce them to the practice of managing their finances way enough before they become adults. 
  2. By owning a credit card at 17, your tern would know how to perform simple tasks like payment of bills, avoid being debtors and get some credit scores while still under your supervision. 
  3. To help them establish a credit history that would be useful in adulthood. 

How Do I Choose A Credit Card For 17-Year-Olds?


Although no credit card is better than others because they all have their pros and cons, choices vary. Hence you should take these steps to choose a credit card for your 17 years old. 

  • Search for a credit card that you are qualified for. That is those credit cards that allow you to add your teenager as an authorized user. 
  • Clearly identify the type of card that you need because there are many types. There are those with many bonuses, others with cash banks, and more. 
  • Ask the right questions. Questions like will this card help to build credit? How much is the interest rate? How long is the 0% APR? And many other necessary questions. 
  • The next step after getting answers to your questions is to apply for a credit card either online or onsite. 

How To Get A Card For A 17 Years Old


This is quite an easy thing to do after going through the requirements of each card and you’ve made your choice. You will have to apply for a card at the bank or online or through their mobile App in your name. After which, you add the 17-year-old as an authorized user. 



I hope you have gotten answers to your questions on Credit cards for 17-year-olds. The bottom line of it all is that you can get a suitable credit card in the name of an adult and add the 17-year-old as an authorized user.