5 Best PayPal Money Generator Tools ( PayPal Money Adder )

Have you ever heard about PayPal Money generator? You know, everyday we keep hearing of new hacks and tricks on how things can be done. Tricks that would claim that they can make life easier. And hacks that claim to be manipulating system and protocols in order to make even the most simple things work for our own good.

The PayPal money generator is one of such. The free money generator is a platform, software or an application (whatever you will decide to call it at the end of this article) that claims to give you free money.

PayPal money generator tools claims to add money into your PayPal account so you can withdraw and make use of.  Although the PayPal cash generator has been around for a while now, most persons have probably never heard of it.

We know you may be wondering if the free money generator is just an imagination or it really works like most persons claim it does. And that is why our team had to make this research. To find out and bring you a proper PayPal money generator review, how the PayPal money generator works, is the PayPal money generator legit or scam, alternatives to the PayPal money adder, and a lot of other information that you may need to know about the powerful free money generator tools” So without further wasting of time, let us begin:

What Is The PayPal Money Generator?


The PayPal money adder generator is a software that claims to be adding money into your PayPal account. It is a variation or similar to another free money generator known as the Perfect money generator. Both platforms claim to provide free money to people who subscribe for their service.

The PayPal money generator, also known as the PayPal money adder claims that they can add more than $500 daily to each of their subscribers PayPal account. And not only does it claim to do this, it has an unlimited number of PayPal account which it claims it can add money.

However, to get to use the service, you must purchase the PayPal money generator activation code from them. And also, based on their estimation, if after one must have purchased the PayPal money adder activation code and then activated it. They can even add money to about 4 PayPal accounts in a day. That is, a total of $2000 in this PayPal account just for using the free money generator.

How Does PayPal Money Generator Work?


Just like I had stated earlier, the PayPal money generator is a software that runs on PC and on a Mac as well as a mobile application that runs on an android phone and on an iPhone and then claims to be adding money into people’s PayPal account.

The software collects your PayPal email address and then claims that it has been able to add a certain amount of money directly into your PayPal account which you can then withdraw and use to make financial transactions.

But before collecting all these details and paying you a dime, you must subscribe to their paid service before getting the free money adder work for you. And also, like I stated earlier, you can get about $500 daily just by using the PayPal money, at least so it claims.

How To Use PayPal Money Generator


Using the PayPal money generator is a very simple process, at least based on the directives of the software. Below are steps on how to use the Paypal money generator.

  1. Get the PayPal money adder generator (read further to see how to get the free money adder).
  2. Subscribe to the free money generator. That is, buy the PayPal money generator activation code.
  3. Paste your PayPal address on the box you are asked to.

Where Can I Get PayPal Money Generator?


There are only two places where you can get the PayPal Money Generator. And below are two places where the free money adder can be gotten:

1. Download


This is probably the easiest way to get the PayPal money generator. The PayPal money generator can be downloaded on a few website. However, you need not worry. I will show you how to download the PayPal money generator later in this guide.

2. Sharing


You can get the PayPal money adder or generator simply by asking someone who already has the generator or money adder to share them with you. This could be on PC, Mac or even on a smartphone as long as you both are willing to share.

How To Download PayPal Money Generator Software Or Application


There are a lot of websites available where one can download the PayPal money generator. However, below is a guide on how to download the PayPal money generator on your phone:

  •  Visit the website www.modapk.com
  • Search for PayPal money generator
  • Click on Install

Alternatives To PayPal Money Generator


Just like I had mentioned earlier, there are quite a lot of alternatives to PayPal money generator.

PayPal Money Generator

That is, they do the same thing that the PayPal money generator does but in a little of a different way.

  • Payoneer money generator
  • Perfect money generator


Is The PayPal Money Generator Scam Or Legit?


As much as I would not want to deter your expectations but the truth remains what it is. The PayPal money generator is a simple scam. That is, it does not work. The free money generator does not add a dime into your PayPal account.

It only offers the user an illusion and fake hope that their PayPal account is being credited meanwhile it is not.

Is It Possible To Get Free Money Using PayPal Money Generator?


No, it is not possible to get free money via the PayPal money generator. Just like I had stated earlier, the PayPal money generator only gives one the false hope that they have been able to get free PayPal money via their money adder.

But The Paypal Money Adder Has A Lot Of Transaction History Evidence, Are You Saying That They Are All False?


Yes, they are all false.

They are made up so as to make the greedy persons get more greedy and then fall for their scam.

Can I Download The PayPal Money Generator Before Using It?


Yes, you can simply download the PayPal money generator before using it. Most of the time, the reason for this is because there is no other way that you can make use of the PayPal money generator without downloading it into your PC, Mac or smartphone.

However, if you can find site where you can use the PayPal money generator without downloading, you can simply do that and not bother about having the free money generator on your device.

Does The PayPal Money Generators Require No Human Verification?


Yes, the PayPal money generator most often requires no human verification. You can simply get past this by proving that you are human.

And this can simply be achieved when you solve the captcha problem that you will find on the software during the process of adding money in to your PayPal account.

Do I Need The PayPal Money Generator Activation Code In Order To Get PayPal Money?


In summary, it is a No and here is why. The PayPal money generator claims that you will need some verification code so as to get your PayPal money.

But unfortunately, this is not true because even after you have gotten the activation code, which of course you will pay to get anyways, the PayPal money generator will not even give you a dime of a PayPal money.



Platforms like the PayPal money generator are built to scam. And they can only scam greedy people. Cause actually, who do you think will give you $500 just for free in a day?

If you believe that the Paypal money generator actually worked, the owner would not have probably even revealed it to anyone.

And also, you need to be cautious of the PayPal money generator because it may act as a keyloggers and then a spyware that steals your banking details.