4 Ways To Stop Someone From Tracking Your Text Messages

In today’s blog post’ I will teach you how to stop someone from tracking your text messages. This method works perfectly on iPhone, android and iOS. So, if you have been suspecting that someone might be reading your text messages through their phone, then’ I will help you put an end to it.

Whenever you give someone your cell phone to check something or play games with, they try as much as they can to check your text messages. However, if you’re security consious” no one will ever see your text messages and other confidential fils.

For someone to read your text messages from another phone is very easy, and a lot of people are doing that already. If you notice any sign that someone is currently tracking your text messages” then this tutorial will help you block the person Instantly.

Most times, the people tracking your text messages aren’t imposters, rather someone close to you. Probably your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or even parents. If they want to know what you’re up to, the person might inject a spyware to track all your text messages.

However, putting an end to this” is something that you can achieve within some minutes. If you want to stop someone from tracking your text messages, then’you must be security consious.

Can Someone Read My Text Messages From Their Phone?


The answer is YES, someone can actually forward all your text messages to his or phone. Thereby, whenever you receive a text message” they will also see it in their own phone.

Someone can easily inject spyware in your phone, and use it to track your text messages, email, phone calls, GPS and also see all pictures in your gallery, apps installed in your phone” including your social media chats. So you see? At this point, all phone data are being tracked” this mostly happen to android phone users, though it’s not impossible on iPhone.

It’s obviously annoying and disheartening, but since we have a permanent solution to it. Then, you have absolutely nothing to worry about anymore. The main point here, is to be security conscious and mind those that handles your phone.

How To Stop Someone From Tracking Your Text Messages


There are so many ways to stop someone from spying your text messages. If you can be able to read and follow the instructions below, no one will ever tamper with your phone” talk more of tracking your text messages.

1. Keep Your Phone Password Secret


The first step to take whenever you want stop Intruders from tracking your text messages is not giving them access to your phone passcode.

This is very important, if they can’t be able to unlock your phone nor get information about it” then, it won’t be possible for them to track your text messages.

Make sure you lock your phone with unpredictable password or rather use fingerprint and face ID to lock it.

2. Stop Using Public Wi-Fi


Using Public Wi-Fi is like giving them all your phone data, for them to do whatever they want to do with it. Have you emergined why big companies use wi-fi? That’s because you can’t do otherwise with their company data, as long as you’re working there’ you must connect to the company wi-fi. So that all your day to day activiaties will be intact.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi makes it easier for Intruders to hack and track your text messages, phone calls, social media chats and more” without your consent. So, it’s very dangerous’ if you really want to stop someone from tracking your text messages, then’ use private network. And make sure your wi-fi is always turned off.

3. Turn Off Your GPS Radio


GPS Radio is a default feature that came along with some phones, and turning it on” makes it easier to monitor or track your text messages.

Kindly check your cell phone right now, if it has this feature’ then disable it and make sure it remains that way. Follow the instructions below to disable it fast;

  • Go to your Phone Settings App
  • Navigate Privacy
  • Now, Toggle The “GPS Radio” to disable.
  • It will automatically move from Green to Gray, when it’s turned off.

If you’re using iPhone, iPod, or iPad” you will have to follow this guilde to turn off GPS Radio. So as to prevent someone from tracking or reading your text messages without your consent.

  • Turn on your iPhone and  Open The App Settings
  • Go to Privacy, from there.
  • Navigate and Click On Location Services.
  • Now, toggle the GPS Radio to disable it.
4. Install Anti Spy App


Visit Google play store and search for a powerful anti virus or spy App that will block someone from tracking your text messages.

There are hundreds of apps that can perfectly do that for you”. It’s now left you to choose the one that best suits your phone.

5. Factory Reset Your Phone


If you have tried the above methods and the person kept on reading your text messages, which I don’t think it’s possible. Then, factory reset your phone.

This will clear up all your phone data, and bring it back to normal” just like a new phone. But there’s every tendency that you will loose some files. So, to proceed” you’re advised to upload useful files on Google drive, and get them back later.

6. Turn Off Your Cell Phone 


Last but not least, you are advised to turn off your cell phone and remove the battery if it’s not inbuilt. Allow for some hours, so that the person will loose phone data.

After some hours, turn it on again and start using it. Meanwhile, you’re advised to instant anti virus app or anti spy App to help protect your phone.



Wrapping up the tutorial on how to stop someone from tracking your text messages, I hope you have learnt how to easily block someone from reading your text messages? Have you tried any of the above methods yet? Give us feedback via the comment box below.

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