2022 BECE ( Junior WAEC ) Syllabus In All Subjects

This is the  new update on 2022 BECE ( Junior WAEC ) syllabus in all subjects. It’s either you call BECE, junior WAEC, jhs or jss3 exam” anyone you call. All I want to let you know is that, this article will show you the 2021 bece Syllabus PDF to download for free.

BECE syllabus Sierra Leone PDF, Ghana, Nigeria and Gambia” surely you will get it here. Including BECE Syllabus for Mathematics, as a matter of fact” all subjects.

2021 BECE ( Junior WAEC ) Syllabus In All Subjects

There’s no doubt that you are among the serious students who wish to pass their exams, or probably a teacher. You know why I said so? Because only few persons can pick up their cell phones to search for bece Syllabus.

I must commend you on that, and with assurance” after going through this article you will definitely be amazed. As we have provided you all with the real junior WAEC syllabus to all subjects. So that you can be able to know the area of concentration for the upcoming bece exam.

2022 BECE ( Junior WAEC ) Syllabus In All Subjects


This jss3 or JHS syllabus is for those in Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Remember I told you guys earlier that it came in PDF format. So, you have to download all and study ahead of your teachers.

NOTE: it’s either you call it BECE, Junior WAEC, Jhs or Jss3 exam. Please don’t be confused it’s all the same.

If you’re a teacher going through this article right now, I want you to use this syllabus, it’s very important’ if you throughly want your students to pass.

Meanwhile, your school principal is expected to walk into the classroom and write down all the bece Syllabus for you and other class mates. But if he didn’t? You have the right to go to his office and request for it. Any action to take, so as to pass this exam” do not wait for anyone to remind you.

BECE Syllabus PDF


If you want this 2021 bece Syllabus in PDF format, kindly tap on the download link below to download and use any file extractor app to extract it.

About Eighteen subjects are administered at the BECE level. And every jss3 candidate is expected to sit for a maximum of teen (10) subject. Each candidate is deemed to have passed the BECE if he or she has passed in six subjects including English and Mathematics which are tagged to be mandatory.

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Basic/Integrated Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • Physical Education
  • Introductory Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Local Language
  • Computer
  • French
  • Civic Education
  • Home Economics
  • Cultural & Creative Arts

Junior WAEC ( BECE ) Grading System 

A – Distinction
B – Upper Credit
C – Lower Credit
P – Pass
F – Fail

The Important Subjects to Register in BECE

Here are the 6 subjects you have to focus on in Junior WAEC are as follows:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. Basic/Integrated Science
  4. Civic Education
  5. Agricultural Science
  6. Computer

That’s all about 2022 BECE ( Junior WAEC ) Syllabus In All Subjects. Please in you have further questions or inquires, kindly use the comment section to let use know. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends or classmates on social media.