150+ Best Apple Watch Engraving Ideas

Are you tired of thinking of what to engrave on your Apple watch? Would you be relieved if you got some Apple watch engraving ideas? Of course, I know that is why you are searching and I want to assure you that this is the right place to ease your burden. In this blog post, I am going to give you 150+ best Apple Watch Engraving ideas for different occasions and individuals. 


I know you are eager to see them already. Read through to the end to see the one that best suits you. Engraving as you know is a special way of personalizing a property while adding beauty to it. It is an innovative idea and Apple seems to have fully engraved it for its customers.

From Engraving iPad to iPods and most recently Apple watch engraving. Now Apple watch users can engrave their watches at the point of purchase online. This makes it a good option for gifting as well as personal use. 


However, many intending buyers line you are left worried about what to engrave on their Apple watch. To help solve the problem, we have put up 150+ Apple watch engraving ideas. As well as giving you answers to other questions related to the Apple watch. Continue reading to get the information. 

Can Apple Watch Be Engraved?


Yes, you can engrave your apple watch. Apple Watch Engraving is a recent move by Apple to heighten customer satisfaction while increasing sales. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Apple Watch engraving? 


It is important to be furnished with the pros and cons of Apple watch engraving before thinking of Apple Watch Engraving Ideas. Here are some of the Pros And Cons. 


  • It makes it uniquely different from others. 
  • An Apple Engraved watch is a good gift idea. 
  • Engraving protects your watch from theft. 
  • It helps your Apple watch to stand out among others.
  • Helps to identify the watch and return it if misplaced. 


  • Reduces resale value
  • Sluggish delivery after purchase. 

Where Can I Engrave My Apple Watch?


When you purchase your Apple Watch through the Apple online shop at  you would get the opportunity to engrave personalized text on your Apple watch. 

However unofficial, you can also locate any merchant around you to engrave yours if you weren’t able to do it at purchase.  

What Part Of Apple Watch Can I Engrave?


Before moving on to see the Apple watch engraving ideas, it must be noted that not all types of Apple watches can be engraved after purchase (in stores). As they can be damaged in the process. 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas


It is not advisable to engrave the aluminum model of Apple watches except the company at purchase. This is because you would break the power of the anodized surface that protects the watch against corrosion. So the ceramic model is better engraved but with a laser machine, not a traditional cutter. 

What Should I Get Engraved On Apple Watch?


Apple allows you to engrave letters, numbers, and symbols on your watch. You can engrave your name or just your initials. You can also decide to input just a short message or text on the watch putting into consideration the number of characters. 

How Many Characters Can I Engrave On My Apple Watch?


After a series of research, we can only let you know that there is no specific number of characters that you can engrave on your Apple watch as this isn’t stated on the Apple site. However, you should hear in mind that the characters would not be as much as that of Airpod considering the size of an Apple watch. 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas


Below are some Apple Watch Engraving ideas divided into different categories, occasions, and individuals. 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Husband Or Wife. 


  • You’re All Mine
  • Yours Forever
  • Forever Mine
  • My Heart Belongs To You
  • I’ll Love You Forever
  • I Love You
  • You’re My Everything. 
  • My Soul Mate
  • My Life Partner
  • You’re still the one. 
  • Legally Mine
  • My Better Half
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • Until The End Of Time
  • My Forever Wish
  • We’re Better Together
  • You Always Have My Heart
  • Two Souls One Heart
  • My One True Love
  • Love Today, Tomorrow, And Always
  • The Man Of My Dreams
  • The Woman Of My Dreams. 
  • In Your Eyes I Find Peace
  • You’re The Best
  • Best Husband In The World
  • Best Wife In The World
  • The Rock My World
  • The King Of My Heart
  • The Queen Of My Life
  • My Mistress Forever
  • My Husband, My Hobby
  • My Wife, My Life
  • My Forever Crush. 
  • Our Love Is Endless 
  • ❤U To The Moon And Back
  • You Will Always Be My Home
  • Forever isn’t long enough.

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


  • In your eyes I find happiness
  • I have a crush on you. 
  • You Give Me Butterflies.
  • You are my happy place
  • I love you more than chocolate. 
  • You have my heart
  • You make me better
  • You complete me
  • My Prince Charming. 
  • You take my breath away
  • I love you always
  • My Darling Sweetness. 
  • My yummy Chocolate
  • I will love you forever. 
  • My Heart Is Yours. 
  • I promise to love you forever
  • You’re my dream come true
  • My dazzling princess
  • You’re the angel
  • Thanks for loving me. 
  • Two hearts beat together
  • My heartbeat
  • My heart code
  • Our first kiss told it all
  • My fairytale come true
  • You’re my sunshine
  • My lover, my best friend.
  • The man of my dreams
  • The girl of my dream.
  • You’re my dream come true

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Mom 


  • Best Mom Ever
  • My mother, my best friend
  • Thanks for everything mom.
  • Most supportive mom ever
  • Thanks for the care
  • I love you mom
  • Mom’s prayer works
  • My mom, a prayer warrior
  • Thanks for being there mom. 
  • My Mother, My Best Friend. 
  • Mother is another word for selflessness. 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Dad


  • You Are My Superhero
  • Best Dad Ever
  • world’s Best Dad
  • I Love You, Dad
  • You are a hero
  • A hero without a cape
  • My father, my pillar
  • Thanks for the encouragement. 
  • You are my model, dad
  • You inspire me
  • Thanks for being there. 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Daughter/Son


  • I am so proud of you.
  • You’re the best
  • We love you
  • Daddy’s Love
  • mummy Loves You
  • Daddy’s Boy/Girl.
  • Dare to be different
  • We believe in you
  • You’re an achiever
  • Mummy’s Princess
  • You’re unlimited.
  • My dream child. 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Siblings


  • Siblings by chance, friends by choice. 
  • My brother, my confidant. 
  • Thank sis for standing up for me
  • World’s Best Brother
  • Best Sister in the world
  • Sisters Love
  • Brothers love
  • Siblings joined at heart
  • I love you, bro!
  • I love you, sis!

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Friends


  • You’ve got a friend in me.
  • You’re my friend indeed.
  • Best friends for life
  • True friends
  • Partners in crime
  • You can count on me
  • Friends forever
  • Friends for life
  • Thanks for being there
  • I will always be there
  • My other half
  • True friends are scarce
  • More than a friend
  • Friend turned family
  • You know me better
  • No matter the distance 

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Birthdays/Anniversaries


  • Congratulations.
  • Happy Birthday, love
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Cheers to a new year
  • A special birthday to you.
  • Happy 18th birthday
  • May all we do be in love
  • I knew you were the one. 
  • Time flies when I’m with you. 
  • You remind me of time
  • Our love is timeless
  • Lovely birthday to my special one
  • Continue to celebrate
  • More years of laughter
  • A new year to rule your world
  • Cheers to a fulfilling year
  • Momma said it’s your birthday

Apple Watch Engraving Ideas For Graduation


  • Congratulations you did it.
  • I am proud of you
  • The sky is your starting point. 
  • Go and conquer
  • Best Student
  • You deserve it
  • A high achiever
  • The future is yours
  • Beginning a new chapter
  • Go and succeed
  • You’re a champion
  • A job well done. 

Motivational Apple Watch Engraving Ideas


  • Love conquers all
  • While I breathe, I hope
  • Give love and be loved.
  • What nourishes also destroys
  • Choose wisely
  • Success and failure are a choice
  • Failure to plan is a plan to fail
  • Rule your world
  • Be an agent of change
  • Givers never lack
  • Conquer evil with love.
  • Be a gift to the world
  • Never forget to laugh
  • Only the tough survive
  • Live and let’s live. 
  • Use the opportunity
  • Take action!
  • Hard work pays.
  • Invest in your intellect. 

Is There A Fee For Apple Watch Engraving?


Apple Watch Engraving is done at no cost. In other words, it is free of charge. This is only applicable to those who purchased their Apple watch at the only store. If you want to embrace any physical shop, outlet, or merchant, you would be charged a fee.



If you are thinking of what to gift someone, then consider engraving an Apple Watch. With the list of Apple Watch Engraving ideas categorically itemized in the post above, I believe you will leave your friends, family, and loved ones smiling always.