11 Best Fake Amazon Receipt Generator Tools

Do you have any idea if there’s a way to actually create a fake amazon receipt? Have you heard of fake amazon receipt generators? It is obvious that a large amount of our readers don’t really know about this.

Nevertheless, we will be shedding some light on the ways to generate fake amazon receipts, how it works and strategies you could utilize to spot one. 

What Is Amazon And How Is It Used?


To make this simple for you, Amazon is simply an online retailer, it is also the world’s largest internet-based enterprise that specializes in the sales of items like music, books, toys, electronics, appliances, housewares, movies, and many other goods and services. 

Using Amazon is very easy as you are required to just go through short procedures which includes the following below.

  • Finding an item you wish to purchase via the Amazon front page.
  • Adding the item you are interested in to Carts, so as to save them.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Create an account and add your credit or debit card details.
  • Provide your delivery address and place your order.

The above listed information is a short detail on how amazon is used to purchase Items from any location, the next section is a detailed account on what fake amazon receipts generators are.

Fake Amazon Receipt Generator – What This is All About


A fake receipt generator is either an application or a website that provides a customized opportunity for you to design a receipt that would look exactly like an original payment receipt.

Actually there are tools you can use to generate amazon fake receipts that would be difficult to differentiate from a real receipt.

Fake Amazon Receipt Generator Tools

Note that fake amazon receipt generators are classified into two, which includes websites and applications. This simply means that you can either use a website or application to generate fake amazon receipts. Definitely, you will learn how to use both of these generators in this article. 

Examples Of Fake Amazon Receipt Generator (Application)


  • Free Invoice Maker
  • Tiny Invoice
  • Invoice Home
  • Quick Receipt
  • Free Invoice Generator 
  • Estimate Maker
  • Billdu – The Invoice Estimation and Creator
  • Invoice 2go

How To Generate Fake Amazon Receipts – How They Work


In this category of the article, we are going to explain how you can use the aforementioned applications to generate fake amazon receipt templates.

  • Tiny Invoice

This tool comes with several different templates to assist you in designing a fake amazon receipt. You can download Tiny Invoice on the internet as it grants you the opportunity to modify a receipt with different layout options.

Do yourself a favor by following the instructions in the application, you can also save your fake amazon receipt in a PDF format when you’re done.

  • Free Invoice Maker

This is one of the most useful applications for creating free amazon receipt templates, to begin with, you need to download the website online. After you must have done and installed the application, go through it and follow the necessary procedures. 

This application allows you to incorporate a customized signature into the Amazon receipts, design tax collection area, and make appraisals that can be easily changed into gauge reports or installment outlines. All these are information that should be included on a receipt, and free invoice makers can do this for you.

  • Quick Receipt

This is another fake payment application that can be used to generate fake amazon receipts effortlessly. To make use of this application, you are required to download it on the internet and install afterwards. 

Quick receipt will definitely guide you on how to use the app with simple steps, it has features like several layouts and templates. You will need to provide the details you want to be included in the fake amazon receipt. Other details might include date, name and transaction ID.

  • Invoice 2go

Another application you can make use of is an app called Invoice 2go, this app specifically has spaces for you to include the logo of the receipt you want to customize.

Since it is a fake amazon receipt you edited, you can just select the logo and proceed to enter some other vital details that should be included in the receipt.

However, you should submit all this information whenever you are done. A fake amazon receipt will be generated for you instantly.

You won’t find most of these fake amazon receipts generators on an official platform like play store, this is because those applications are clearly not accepted, verified, and it frowns at apps that are used for fraudulent activities.

List Of Fake Amazon Receipt Generator Tools (Online Websites)


  • Invoicely 

This is a website that offers users a tool to generate fake receipts, with the online tool you can customize a fake amazon receipt with different designs and features.

It allows you to download your file in a PDF version after you are done.

  • Invoice generator 

This website is another great tool for generating fake receipts, you have access to uploading a logo that best fits your invoice. At this point, you can upload the Amazon logo to complete the customization of the receipt.

  • Need receipt

This also follows the same step just like the ones we have mentioned above, the only difference is that it can also be used to generate a fake gas receipt. You can choose to preview the image of the receipt before saving it to your device.

  • Pdf filler

Pdf filler is a straight forward website based on designing fake payment receipts and others. A good feature of this app is that it comes with an already filled receipt, all you need to do is replace them with your own details or add more if you want.

DISCLAIMER: We purposely want to let our readers be aware that this article is not in any way promoting fraudulent activities as it completely condemns the act. Our readers are therefore advised to desist from participating in any of these activities like using a fake amazon receipt generator either via an application or website, engaging in such an act is illegal as you might get in trouble if caught.

Reason People Use Fake Amazon Receipt Generator


There are several reasons why people use fake payment receipt generators, most of these reasons include fraudulent activities, for fun, and other purposes.

  • Scam purpose

It is obvious that fake amazon receipt templates are utilized mostly by fraudsters, with the intention of defrauding others and getting away with it. 

Fake amazon receipt helps scammers to trick others into thinking they were given a real receipt, this is due to the fact that it seems difficult to differentiate between a real and fake amazon receipt.

  • Prank purposes

The vast similarities between a real and fake amazon receipt gives some people the advantage of pranking their friends, by showing them a fake receipt without realizing it at the moment. 

There are several other reasons why the use of fake amazon receipts has gone wild in recent years, the above reasons are the most common ones to be identified.

How To Differentiate Between A Fake And A Real Amazon Receipt


  1. Missing Details

The first thing to look out for in order to spot a fake amazon receipt are missing details. The full details you should expect to be present on a real amazon receipt are billing address, shopping address, GST registration number, PAN number, Invoice number, invoice date, invoice details, sold by, authorized signature, and many more.

However, you can’t find any of these details on your Amazon receipts, it definitely means the receipt is a fake or edited one. This is because Amazon always pays full attention to making sure all of these details are included in the invoice in order to make it valid.

  • Colors and writing fonts

To do this you can compare some of your old amazon receipt with the one you just got, do this to check if there are obvious differences in order not to end up being scammed via a generated amazon receipt.

You might spot differences in colors or the writing fonts, if you spot any other differences it definitely means the receipt you just got is probably fake.



Finally, we have come to an end of the article which explains in details” how to use a fake amazon receipt generator. Why it is utilized by internet fraudsters, and why you should desist from using them and highlighted mediums to recognize and tell the differences between a real and fake amazon receipt templates.