11 Best Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime { Cash Advance Apps }

In this article, we are going to be talking about 11 best apps like Dave that work with Chime. Some days, people sleep without having a clear picture of how they can pay their bills for the following day due to lack of money, and to worsen the whole situation, the payday is still far away.


In some instances, they may end up having a stressful night rest due to excessive destructive thinking. But are you aware that there are numerous Cash Advance Apps or borrowing apps that can help you meet your urgent financial needs today and pay back later? 

Well! If you are not aware, no worries as this article is specially designed to guide you on how you can borrow money from cash apps to meet your urgent financial need to pay back later.


There are a number of Best Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime which can give you financial peace of mind. But each cash advance app has different modes of operation and maximum amount you can borrow once.  Though some of these cash advance apps may charge some fees for when you borrow money while some of them don’t charge, hence, it is important to know each of the cash advance apps and how it works to enable you to meet your financial needs if the need arises.

What Is Chime 


Chime is a financial technology company which was established in 2012 by Chris Britt and Ray King with the primary interest to serve as an alternative to traditional banking method which is aimed at creating financial peace of mind.

But Chime is not a bank as most people think, though it is affiliated with a financial institution called the Bancorp or Stride Bank and their activities are regulated by FDIC. Hence, making it a safe haven for your financial transactions.

11 Best Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime


The best app like Dave that works with Chime which gives you financial peace of mind is summarized in the table below with a borrowing limit attached.

S/N Cash Advance App Does It Work With Chime Cash Advance Maximum ($)
1. Albert Yes 250
2. Branch Yes 500
3. Dave Yes 100
4. Earnin Yes 100
5. Klover Yes 100
6. Brigit No 250
7. Chime SpotMe Yes 200
8. DailyPay No   –
9. MoneyLion Yes 250
10. Empower Yes 250
11. Cleo Yes 100

N/B; These payday mobile loan apps are readily available in Google play store and App store. You can download any of the apps today to ease your borrowing.

Brief Note On Best Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime


  • Dave Cash Advance App

Dave app works with Chime to give you financial peace of mind. It is very simple to link your Chime checking account to Dave. Interestingly, Dave members can get a maximum of $100 advances without paying charges. This banking app helps you to get paid up to 2 days early. Currently, about seven million customers have ranked Dave as one of the most reliable and secured cash advance apps.

  • Empower Cash Advance App 

Empower is a banking app that works with Chime which can give you an advance of up to $250. They give you a 14-day free trial and after that, they charge $8 per month. Empower don’t charge interest or late fee, not only that, they don’t need an application before they send the advance into your account. All you need to do is to pay them back when you receive your next direct deposit. It is very simple, easy and secure.

If You Want To Link Your Chime Bank Account To Empower, Just Follow These Few Steps:

  • Open your mobile app
  • Visit the home page
  • Toggle to the account section
  • Tap on the (+) icon on the top right corner
  • Then, add Chime to Empower

N/B; If you didn’t see your bank in the list, click on the enlarging glass in the top right corner and you will be able to search for it.

  • Cleo Cash Advance App

With Cleo, you can get a non-interest advance of up to $100 to meet your urgent financial needs. It offers you the opportunity to pick a repayment date between 3- 28 days without affecting your credit score but this is possible only if you qualify.

They also have free options which give you access to digital wallet and Cleo’s budgeting tool, you can also get interest on your savings. Most of the Cleo plus subscribers pay a $5.99 monthly fee which gives them the opportunity to get a cash advance of up to $100.

  • Branch Cash Advance App

Branch is a banking app that renders a mobile digital for working Americans. It allows you to get a cash advance of up to $500. To qualify for an advance at Branch, you need to put your direct Chime deposit in your Branch Wallet but before that you need to have a Chime account.

If You Want To Link Add Your Chime To Branch, Follow These Few Steps:

  • Open your mobile app
  • Go to settings
  • Move to payment method
  • You will see options to add new bank or card
  • Tap on Add bank or card
  • Choose Bank
  • Select Chime.
  •  Albert Cash Advance App 

Albert is a mobile banking app that can approve up to $250 cash advance for eligibility users without fee, no interest, no hidden charges, and most importantly, permit you to request up to three cash advances per period. They charge $4 after 30 days free trial, it takes about 2-3 days to get cash advance at Albert for free

If You Want To Add Chime To Albert, Just Do This:

  • Open your mobile app
  • Check the overview tab
  • Click on the plus sign
  • Choose Chime bank or search for it if not on the list
  • Fill in your bank 
  • Klover Cash Advance App

Klover is a digital cash app that enables you to get extra cash before payday. To qualify for their $100 cash advance, you must have at least three consistent direct deposits in the recent past two months with no gaps in pay with the same employer and must be a Klover member. That’s all, with that, you are eligible to get cash advance at Klover.

To Add Chime To Klover, Do This:

  • Log in to the mobile app
  • Go to profile icon on the dashboard
  • Click on bank and remove
  • Tap on ‘Ok’ which is to confirm that you want to remove your bank account and debit card

N/B; Once you remove your account, your debit card will be unlinked automatically.

  • Then, use Plaid which is a third party to login to Chime bank
  • Move to add a debit card and that’s all.
  • Chime SpotMe Cash Advance App

Chime is a banking app that enables you to ease your financial needs. Unlike other banking apps, Chime is unique as they don’t charge overdraft fees; instead, they permit you to overdraft up to $200 without charges.

In fact, if you need to buy some goodies but you don’t have money, no worries, Chime gets your back as Chime SpotMe covers you. Interestingly, Chime doesn’t charge monthly fees and not only that, they don’t have a minimum opening balance. You can also get paid early for up to two days with direct deposit.

  • Earnin Cash Advance App

Earnin app works with Chime and you can get up to $100 daily from the pay you have already made, they don’t charge fees or interest. In fact, they allow you to gain access to your hard earned money whenever you need it.

With Earnin, you can get a maximum of $500 of your paycheck per pay period. It is very easy, simple and secure. It is pretty good.

  • MoneyLion Cash Advance App

It is a banking app that works with Chime which allows you to get up to $250 at any given point in time without hidden charges or interest, they don’t need your credit card and also no monthly fee. It is very good.

They help you to get your paycheck up to two days early with RoarMoney, not only that,  banking with them is also an easy way to borrow, save, invest, and earn. All these amazing things are embedded in one app.


What App Gives You Cash Instantly?


There are advance cash app that gives you cash instantly, some of which are summarized below:

S/N Loan App Loan Amount


Speed Without Paying Fees Fast Funding Fee


Other Fees


1. Dave 5 – 200 Up to three days 1.99 – 5.99 $1 monthly membership fee
2. Earnin 100 – 500 One to three days 1.99 – 3.99 None
3. Brigit 50 – 250 One to two days None $9.99 monthly subscription fee
4. Chime 20 – 200 Instant None None
5. MoneyLion 25 – 250 12 – 48 hours 0.99 – 7.99 None

What Apps Like Dave Work With Chime?


There are many apps like Dave which works with Chime to give you financial peace of mind, they include but are not limited to:

  • Cleo
  • Albert
  • Empower
  • Varo
  • MoneyLion

What Loan Apps Work With Chime Bank?


There numerous loan app that works with Chime which helps you to ease your financial burden, they include:

  • Dave
  • Cleo
  • Albert
  • Empower
  • MoneyLion
  • Varo

Is There A Better App Than Dave?


Not really sha, but Brigit is also an excellent cash advance app that also works excellently like Dave. The allow you get payment advance of up to $250 without charges or interest but you have to pay for the monthly membership fee of $9.99.2.