10 Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosks 2022

If you received a gift card from friends, family, fans, or just anyone and you no longer need them. I am aware that you know you can sell your gift cards online but do you know that there are Gift Card Exchange Kiosks that can exchange cards for money? No longer would you go through any form of worry. 


Now here is the good news, in this article, I will show you gift card exchange kiosks, how to locate them, and many more. So do not go away as we begin.  

If you don’t know already, a Gift card is a small like that is more like a prepaid debit card used for making purchases and other financial transactions. They are usually given by banks, stores, and retailers to their customers to be used in a particular store or related business. Gift cards can also be purchased as gifts to friends and loved ones. 


The question here now is what happens when you do not want the Gift card. Can you sell your Gift cards, are there Gift card exchange kiosks, what are their names, and where can they be found? Read this article with keen attention as we walk you through Gift Cards Exchange Kiosks.

Can I Exchange My Gift Cards?


Yes, you can exchange your Gift cards for either cash or another card that is of is a little lesser value if you think you do not need that which you have. 

When you receive a Gift Card and you think you do not need it, rather than shove it off at the bottom of your shelf, you can exchange it with something more valuable such as cash. 

Are There Gift Cards Exchange Kiosks?


Whenever the issue of selling Gift cards is raised, most people are only familiar with online sites and platforms to make such exchanges. 

The good news here is that there are Gift card exchange kiosks around you where you can work at any time and get cash back or a more usable card in exchange. Read on as I show you how it works and examples of such kiosks. 

What Are Gift Cards Exchange Kiosks?


If you are not an online freak then you can consider using a Gift Card Exchange kiosk as stated. Gift Card exchange kiosks are bright yellow machines where you can exchange your Gift card for cash. These are places where you give out unused gift cards in exchange for cash.

They are in the form of video rental booths, photo booths, and ATMs. They are mostly self-service booths.

How Do Gift Card Exchange Kiosks work?


Gift Card exchange kiosks accept unwanted gift cards in exchange for Cash-back. As noted above, most kiosks are self-service booths. You hand the card over and a percentage of the monetary value of the gift card is given to you in cash. So here is how it works. 

Firstly, you have to locate the nearest one to you and make inquiries about its rate. When you get there with your gift card, navigate to the self-service section and follow every prompt. Enter the information of the gift card especially its into the system. Make sure you check your gift card balance before proceeding. 

Next is to swipe or scan the gift code at the bar code if any. The system receives the card information and processes it.  After that, you have to receive or accept the cash bank offer on the kiosk’s display. You also have the option of declining the offer if it doesn’t suit you. 

The kiosk then prints out a voucher for you containing the cashback offer and amount. It is this voucher that you take to the store to get your cash. Let’s now proceed to see the rate and how to locate a gift card exchange kiosk. 

What Is The Exchange Rate At Gift Card Exchange Kiosks?


The exchange rate varies with the kiosk being used. Generally, the percentage is between 60 to 85 percent cash back. In rare cases, you will find a good buyer that would give you up to 90 percent. 

How Can I Locate A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk?


In this paragraph, I will show you different ways to locate a gift card exchange kiosk near you. The best way to find the gift card exchange kiosk near you is to use Google Map. It is very easy to use like this. 

  • Type something like “sell gift card or gift card exchange location ” into your google map or search engine. 
  • Enter your present location 
  • Click the search icon. 

With this, you will be shown the location of the nearest gift card exchange kiosk near you. 

Alternatively, visit the website of your favorite grocery store or pharmacy and search for their gift card exchange kiosks. Most kiosks are associated with stores and pharmacies. 

10 Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosks


There are many places where you can exchange your gift cards for cash. I will show you some of them in this section as we proceed. Just make sure you confirm that there is an exchange kiosk in the branch near you before you proceed. So let’s see them below. 



Walmart is one of such stores that have gift card exchange kiosks. It is a large store with many branches all over the nation. So search for the nearest Walmart store and you might be lucky to find an exchange kiosk to get cash back for your gift card. 



In the same vein, Walgreens pharmacy has gift card exchange locations at some of the branches. While some are located outside the buildings, others are right inside. So next time you visit Walgreens, you can exchange your gift card. 



This is one of the oldest gift card exchange kiosks in the US. It is an international company with hundreds of locations in the country where you can exchange your gift card for a voucher, cash, e-gift, or charity donation. Coinstar is a trusted gift card exchange kiosk. 



Do you shop with CVS pharmacy, you can also consider using the gift card exchange kiosk at any of their locations in the country. Their rates are fair and easy to trade with. 



Safeway also exchanges gift cards for cash. In their case, the exchange is done at a Safeway grocery Coinstar kiosk. 



Some branches of the Kroger grocery store also have the Coinstar Gift Card exchange kiosk. To locate the one closest to you to confirm its availability and the rafter exchange yours. 



Most Target stores have a gift card exchange kiosk. Locate anyone close to you and get cashback for gift cards. 



Furthermore, you can find a gift card exchange kiosk at any Giant grocery location. 



Raise is also a gift card exchange kiosk in the US that offers excellent rates and a user-friendly interface. It gives up to 85 to 90 percent cash back on gift card exchanges. 

Gift Deal


This is another Gift card exchange kiosk that offers excellent rates and easy sales. With Gift Deal, you can exchange your card for cash instantly. 



Gift cards are a perfect gift for loved ones on different occasions. If you got a gift card and you do not want to exchange it online, you have the option of using a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk.

In the article, we showed you how to locate them and some of the Gift Card exchange locations around. Do some research about each Kiosks before trading with them. This is necessary to avoid being cheated.